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Seven Seas to sail away from Hull

Seven Seas factory, Hull. Credit: ITV Yorkshire

Seven Seas is to shut its factory in Hull and relocate its commercial operations to London.

The Company will now move ahead with the second stage of consultation on its plans for a phased shut-down of the Hull site over a period of two to three years.

"We are making this announcement now because staff have made it very clear that they want clarity on the future of the business before the Christmas holidays," said Seven Seas managing director John Redman.

"The consultation process to date has been thorough and we have been listening carefully to what staff have been telling us. However, nothing has been put forward which changes the company’s view that outsourcing manufacturing and relocating

commercial operations offer the best chance of future success for Seven Seas.”

Meeting over Seven Seas future in Hull

Seven Seas are meeting with local councillors and MPs following the announcement it is to close its factory in Hull.

The company is in consultation with staff and may leave the city. Management proposals include moving commercial operations to London. This would mean redundancy for 249 workers.

Ongoing talks between key stakeholders in Hull and Seven Seas will see management meet with Lord Haskins, Chair of the Local Enterprise Partnership, Cllr Bayes, Portfolio Holder for Economic Regeneration and Employment and Karl Turner MP.

The city's three MPs have said that they will not let Seven Seas leave without a fight. Staff representatives are currently working on an alternative proposal for Seven Seas to stay in Hull. This proposal will be considered by Seven Seas Management.

The purpose of this meeting is to show Seven Seas that all agencies in Hull are willing to work with them to find an alternative to upping and leaving.

Lord Haskins is an experienced businessman in the region and now chairs the Local Enterprise Partnership. Cllr Bayes has responsibility for economic regeneration and employment in the city and comes with an excellent knowledge of the challenges facing Hull.

As the MP for East Hull, I can't just sit back and let a company walk out.

The region is haemorrhaging jobs and we need to all work together to stop this disaster.

– Karl Turner MP


Fight to save Seven Seas jobs

249 jobs are under threat at Seven Seas in Hull Credit: ITV Calendar

A meeting to try to save 249 jobs at Seven Seas in Hull takes place later. Local MPs and the Enterprise Partnership want to prevent the firm moving to London.

MP Karl Turner and representatives from the Humber Local Enterprise Partnership will meet with bosses to see what could persuade them not to move.