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Ched's next move in doubt according to newspaper reports

Can Ched Evans play football abroad? As his former club Sheffield United play their first home game since deciding not to re-sign him, national newspapers debate the striker's future career moves.

Ched Evans football career could be in doubt Credit: Press Association

The striker, who was freed from jail after serving half of a five-year sentence for rape, was due to train with the Blades.

However the club took a dramatic u-turn and refused to take back the player.

It was thought Evans could kick-start his career in Turkey with his advisers eyeing the well-paid Turkish league.

A source told the Daily Star: "Ched had mentioned that Turkey is a good option for him."

But now the likely route has been stopped in its tracks after the Ministry of Justice said the terms of his sex offenders licence means it would be near impossible to work abroad.

According to the Daily Mail, sex offenders are required to have regular meetings with their offender manager. He will be on licence until 2016.

However it was said today it would be 'difficult or impossible' for a sex offender to meet the terms of their licence while working abroad.

A Ministry of Justice spokesman told The Daily Mail: "We do not comment on individual prisoners.

"In general terms, a sex offender on licence would have to have regular meetings with their offender manager and that is difficult or impossible to do if they are living abroad."

Evans, who plans to appeal his 2012 conviction for raping a teenage waitress in a hotel in Rhyl, North Wales, served half of the five-year sentence he handed.

The remainder of the sentence will be completed on licence, meaning he must regularly check in with an offender manager until 2016.

By the time he has completed his entire sentence, he will be 27, and will remain on the Sex Offenders Register for life.

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Sheffield United co-chairman angry over Evans decision

Sheffield United co-chairman Jim Phipps is "angry and upset" after the club had to withdraw their offer to allow convicted rapist Ched Evans train with the club.

Evans had been invited to use the South Yorkshire club's facilities and get fit after being released from prison, but now won't be permitted to do so.

The Blades were put under pressure to not allow Evans to re-join the club, including Olympian Jessica Ennis-Hill saying she were want her name removed from the stand named after if they were to re-employ the striker.

Sheffield United won't have Ched Evans playing for them. Credit: PA

"I'm angry that we are not able to get a chance to do for this footballer what should be done," he said.

"I'm upset that we are not able to do what we wanted to do, but I acknowledge that my view is not the only view.

"My principles and the board's principles are not the only thing that matter."


PFA hope Evans will return after Blades u-turn

The Professional Footballers' Association is still hopeful that convicted rapist Ched Evans will be given an opportunity to return to the game after Sheffield United withdrew their offer to let him use their training facilities.

PFA hope Evans will return after Blades setback Credit: Press Association

The League One club announced on Thursday night that they had severed their ties with Evans after the decision to allow him to train with the club was met with widespread opposition and led to the resignation of four club patrons.

Olympic heptathlon gold medal winner Jessica Ennis-Hill also asked that the club remove her name from one of the stands at Bramall Lane if the club opted to re-sign Evans. The PFA had initially asked the Blades to allow Evans to train with them, and said in a statement on Friday: "

We note Sheffield United's decision to retract the offer they made to Ched Evans for him to return to training with the club. It is not surprising given the subsequent delay in his return as the matter was debated and understandably strong opinions were aired.

We fully understand and respect the opposing views to Ched's return to Sheffield United and clearly part of the issue related to him returning to the club he was previously with at the time of his imprisonment.

With that in mind, it may ultimately be of benefit to both parties to move on and for Ched to look for a fresh start at a different club.We maintain our general position that the courts determine punishments and a return to society and a contribution to the community through employment is a key element of rehabilitation.

We do not agree that society should impose different rules for footballers which go beyond the position of the law. In that regard, it is hoped that Ched will be given an opportunity at another club to return to the job he is trained to do.

– PFA statement


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Ched Evans ban 'sends a message' about behaviour

Sheffield United's decision to ban Ched Evans from training "sends a message" about kind of behaviour is acceptable in 21st century Britain, the head of a feminist campaign group said.

Object chief executive Roz Gardie told Good Morning Britain said rehabilitation was "obviously" important but the striker had shown no remorse over his actions.

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Dave Berry welcomes United's retraction on Evans

Sheffield United has withdrawn an offer to allow Ched Evans to train with the club. Credit: Martin Rickett/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Singer Dave Berry, who resigned as a patron at Sheffield United following the Ched Evans row, has welcomed a decision to withdraw an offer for the footballer to train at the club but says it should not have taken so long.

Mr Berry told ITV news: "I'm very pleased to hear it but why has it taken so long? And still, where are all the men in this? I haven't seen anyone commenting from football clubs."

He added: "I'm rather disappointed at men not supporting this girl and making any gestures. They've said nothing about the contract - we're still only halfway there."

TV presenter praises Blades' decision over Evans

Television presenter and lifelong Sheffield United supporter Charlie Webster has tonight gone on Twitter to praise the Blades' decision to withdraw its offer to allow convicted rapist and former player Ched Evans to use the club's training facilites.

Blades withdraw training offer to Evans

Sheffield United have tonight in a dramatic u-tturn withdrawn their offer to convicted rapist Ched Evans to train at the club.

Sheffield United have tonight withdrawn its offer to allow convicted rapist Ched Evans train with the club

In a statement on the official Sheffield United website the club said:

"Following the statement dated 11th November and after ongoing and extensive deliberation, Sheffield United Football Club has decided to retract the opportunity for its former player, Ched Evans, to use the Club's facilities for training purposes, as was previously intended.

"Members of the Board have consulted dispassionately with the Club's supporters, Vice Presidents, Community Foundation members, executives, staff, sponsors and other relevant stakeholders in order to help it reach this decision. Also, the Club has been diligent in communicating with The Football Association, The Football League, The Professional Footballers' Association (The PFA), The Football Association of Wales and The National Probation Service to take further soundings.

"We recognise that a number of our supporters will be disappointed with this decision, but would ask that they remember the responsibilities we have not only to a fine and proud Club, whose history stretches back over 125 years, but also to the communities in which Sheffield United is active and to the City we represent.

"The Club initially accepted a request from The PFA for Ched Evans to be able to train. The reaction to this has been at an intensity that could not have been anticipated when first announced.

"As noted in previous statements from the Club, the legal system of this country provides for both the punishment and the rehabilitation of every person who has been found guilty of a crime. Sheffield United will not be used to promote the view that professional footballers should be treated differently, as has been the want of certain sections of the media and various commentators. In addition, we remain disappointed at some of the inaccurate reporting, misinformed views and commentary, as well as the actions of a minority of individuals on social media. Professional footballers must be treated as equals before the law.

"The Club condemns rape and violence of any kind against women in the strongest possible terms. The Club is aware that Ched Evans is pursuing legal recourse via the Criminal Cases Review Commission in the determination he has to clear his name. We trust that he will be afforded a fair hearing.

"During this whole period, we have been served a timely reminder of what we have been throughout our history: Sheffield United is a Family and Community Club that, even in times of adversity, will remain strong and grow from its experiences."

– Sheffield United FC
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