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Whales Spotted Wandering by Whitby

A rare sei whale off the coast of Whitby Credit: JILL SMITH

Whales have been spotted in the North Sea off Whitby. You don't need to travel to far-flung locations to experience the thrill of spotting whales, they can be seen at this time of year close by the North Yorkshire coast Jill Smith is a regular whale spotter and snapped this picture of a rare sei whale cruising past the North Yorkshire resort.

Minke whale offshore Whitby Credit: JILL SMITH

Minke whales have been seen this last couple of weeks with enthusiasts getting up close enough to 'smell the fish on their breath'

Humpback Whale seen on a recent trip from Whitby Credit: LUCY THORNTON

Whitby whale trip organiser Bryan Clarkson said: 'In the summer and autumn months, whales move south along the east coast of Yorkshire, following the shoals of mackerel and herring. From the mid-18th Century, ships headed to Greenland in search of the elusive creatures with dozens of boats returning to bring back the carcasses to be rendered by the harbourside. Thankfully, those days of barbarity are long since gone.' Whales can be spotted off the coast at Whitby up until November.


Region's unemployment figures revealed

Unemployment in Yorkshire and the Humber fell by 25,000 in the three months to July, official figures have revealed.

Unemployment in Yorkshire and the Humber fell by 25,000 in the three months to July, official figures have revealed. Credit: Press Association

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) showed that a total of 203,000 people were unemployed in the region between May and July.

The region's unemployment rate was 7.3% and saw a fall of 11% during the period. The worst area in the UK was the South West which recorded a 17,000 increase in the number of people without a job.

The number of people claiming Jobseeker's Allowance has fallen below one million for the first time in six years, new figures showed.

The claimant count fell for the 22nd month in a row in July by 37,200 to 966,500, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

This is the first time the figure has been below one million since September 2008.

The Work and Pensions Secretary Ian Duncan Smith says getting people in to work gives them a better chance:

The jobless total was 2.02 million in the quarter to July, down by 146,000 on February to April, giving a lower-than-expected unemployment rate of 6.2%.

Analysts had forecast an unemployment rate of 6.3%.

The jobless total is now 468,000 fewer than a year earlier, the largest annual fall in unemployment since 1988.

Average earnings including bonuses rose by 0.6% in the year to July, while average earnings excluding bonuses were 0.7% higher.

There are now 30.61 million people in work, 74,000 more than February to April, the smallest quarterly increase since April to June 2013.

The Chancellor added that unemployment in Scotland was down to 6%, below the UK average.

Despite a steady two-year easing of unemployment with record numbers in work, the rise in average earnings is still a long way short of the pace of inflation at 1.5%.

The Bank of England halved its forecast for average wage growth last month, saying it now expects average salaries to rise by 1.25% this year.

Summat's brewin' for Women of Steel

A special beer brewed to honour Sheffield's Women of Steel and to raise money towards the statue planned to mark their wartime achievements will be poured for the first time today.

A model of the statue of Sheffield's Women of Steel Credit: ITV Yorkshire

Rotherham's Chantry Brewery will welcome some of the surviving Women of Steel to pull the first pint of "Women of Steel" - The Ale at a free-admission party that's open to everyone at town's Cutlers Arms in Westgate at 11am.

The £150, 000 statue will commemorate the achievements of hundreds of women who worked in the steelworks during the wars when their men were away fighting at the front.

It has been commissioned from Martin Jennings, whose other pieces include John Betjeman and George Orwell, and is expected to be unveiled outside Sheffield City Hall in 2016.

A public appeal has raised almost all of the money and with just £8,000 to go, the launch of the ale is one of the last major fundraising events which will take the total to its target.

The Chantry Brewery team had a special reason to produce the "Women of Steel" Ale and make a donation from every pint sold to the Women of Steel Statue Appeal.

We are all steel workers and when we heard about the Women of Steel Statue, we wanted to do something to support it and we're delighted to be producing a beer in their honour"

– Mick Warburton , head brewer
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