Two Lancaster bombers piggy backing each other in fly past over Louth, Lincs

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Damp in South Yorkshire at first, but elsewhere mostly dry with sunny spells. Turning brighter and drier through the day, lighter winds

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Double trouble for stolen monkey

A monkey kidnapped from Blackpool zoo and found in West Yorkshire - now has her hands rather full.

Mamma, a cotton top Tamarin has just given birth to twins

Back in the spring thieves cut a hole in the zoo's perimeter fence and stole one baby, two females along and two male emperor tamarins.

All but the very youngest were eventually found in Brighouse.

Sarah Clark reports:


Missing persons' families a step closer to 'guardian' powers

Families of missing people could be given new powers under Government proposals to take care of the legal and financial affairs of their absent relatives.

Direct debits for mobile phones and utility bills and making mortgage payments are among some of the actions families could take under the status of "guardian of the property and affairs of a missing person".

This would be in addition to the introduction of "certificates of presumed death" which can be applied for by relatives from October 1.

Imagine someone you love going missing. Then imagine watching the life that you hope they will return to fall apart. Missing People regularly hears from distressed families who are unable to step in and look after their missing relative's property and finances while they are missing. In the worst cases, finances are destroyed beyond repair and homes can be lost. This is why Missing People has been campaigning for guardianship to enable families to protect a missing loved one's life in their absence, and we are delighted that the Government has launched a consultation on introducing it.

– Susannah Drury, Missing People charity

The Ministry of Justice is seeking views on whether a system should be created under which a person can be appointed to deal with the property and affairs of a missing person.

The sudden disappearance of a loved one, perhaps without any obvious explanation, is a traumatic event for even the most resilient. The emotional and personal problems caused by absences of several months or even years are all too obvious, but they can be compounded by the practical consequences of the disappearance. We are considering the creation of a status of guardian of the property and affairs of a missing person to help enable these problems to be solved.

– Lord Faulks, Justice Minister

Under the proposals, an appointment as guardian for a missing person would be made by the court after a person has been absent for at least 90 days.

The appointment would be for a period of up to four years with the possibility of extension for a further four, and the guardian would have to account for their actions to a supervisory body.


Great War football truce game recreated

Amid all the horror of the 1st World War one moment came to symbolise hope over hatred. On Christmas Day 1914 German and British soldiers put aside their rivalries and agreed to a temporary truce. There was even a brief kick-about with a football.

Now 100 years later, a group of young footballers from Newark have returned to Belgium to honour the memories of those who died, by re-creating that Truce football match.

Phil Brewster went with them:

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102-year-old completes Ice Bucket Challenge

The challenge taking the internet by storm has provoked celebrities, politicians and even our very own Duncan Wood and Jon Mitchell, to throw ice cold water around themselves.

The Ice Bucket Challenge aims to raise money for Motor Neurone Disease research.

A 102-year-old from Chesterfield has shown anyone can get involved, and could be one of the oldest contributors to the charity challenge. The clip has now been shared more than 4,000 times on Facebook.

Click below to watch Jack Reynolds' challenge:

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