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Man who dumped items for ex-wife in front garden is fined for fly-tipping

A man who claimed he was "returning" items to his ex-wife when he dumped them in her front garden has been fined for fly-tipping.

Credit: Press Association

Michael Hutchinson, 72, of Church Lane, Skegness, Lincolnshire, dumped bedding, furniture and other items with the message "Some things you didn't steal" outside the home of his former partner in June 2014.

He pleaded guilty to two counts of fly-tipping and was ordered to pay more than £2,300 after appearing at Lincoln Magistrates' Court last week.

North Kesteven District Council said Hutchinson did not believe he had fly-tipped and argued that he was "returning" the items but changed his plea to guilty before trial.

He was fined £625 and ordered to pay costs of £1,229.88, a victim surcharge of £63 and £400 compensation to his former partner.

The district council has never tolerated fly-tipping, and although Hutchinson considered himself to be returning the items, he was in fact committing an offence. We take this very seriously, and will prosecute anyone who is caught doing so.

– Councillor Richard Wright, North Kesteven District Council


Lincolnshire business leaders call for council action to extend Skegness holiday season

Two business leaders in Lincolnshire are backing calls for councils to do more to extend the tourism season on the East Coast.

More needs to be done for tourism say business leaders Credit: ITV News

John Chappell the General Manager of Skegness Water Leisure Park and Chris Baron the Resort Director of Butlins have both spoken out as an online petition to extend the caravan season continues to gain support.

More than 700 people have now signed it and are calling for caravan sites to be allowed to open more between the months of October and March.

Planning decisions are ultimately made by the local authority, and the Environment Agency’s role is to provide them with expert guidance regarding flood risk. The Environment Agency has worked with the council to develop a position that balances flood risk with the needs of the tourist economy on the east coast. Caravans are particularly vulnerable to deep or fast flowing flood water which would be expected if coastal defences were overwhelmed. Therefore the agreed position restricts occupancy of caravans during the winter months, when evidence and history shows the factors that lead to coastal flooding are more likely to occur.

– Environment Agency
More than 700 people have now signed it and are calling for caravan sites to be allowed to open more between the months of October and March. Credit: ITV News

I'm very keen that we grow the coastal economy of Lincolnshire, it is a massive contributor - over £520 million a year - to the wider economy so we set a target to double that contribution to a billion pounds a year....but we have to be cautious about how we do that bearing in mind the huge challenges we face with climate change and coastal flooding. We all remember what happened in 1953 when people died on the coast in terrible storms and we have to recognise that climate change is having an impact on our weather all over the country. Caravans themselves are not firm like hotels are...having watched the footage from Scotland over the weekend of caravans floating down rivers, I would not want to see that happen on our coast. There is a way forward I'm sure, we should work together to deliver it.

– Cllr Colin Davie, Executive councillor for economy and environment - Lincolnshire County Council

Charity claim housing cuts will create homelessness

A church-based homeless charity in Skegness says the area is in desperate need of new homes and that cuts could result in more people seeking help from them.

Credit: ITV News

The Storehouse on Skegness seafront operate a food bank and also give out tents and blankets. They also operate a coffee shop at the front of their premises with a chapel at the back.

They say increasing numbers of people are seeking help from them and that as the area focuses on holiday lets homes are in short supply.


Man jailed for Skegness stabbing

A man has been jailed for ten years after assaulting two people in Skegness.

Anthony Russel was jailed for 10 years Credit: Lincolnshire Police

22-year-old Anthony Russell admitted to stabbing Christopher Hudlestone and Joshua Hall at the New Imperial Café in Lumley Road in October.

This was an unprovoked attack on two men and the level of violence used was shocking in a family holiday resort in the height of season. Such violence will not be tolerated in Skegness and I am satisfied that the sentence imposed on Russell reflects the severity of his offence

– Lincolnshire Police
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