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New sports centre to be built in Skegness

Plans have been approved to build a new sports facility in Skegness which will be the home of the town's football team.

A new lease will pave the way for £1.64million investment in improved sports facilities and a new home for Skegness Town Football Club.

The project will create a sporting hub for the people of Skegness, Wainfleet and surrounding areas.

The improvements will enable Skegness Town to gain National League Standard 5 meaning they can now progress beyond the league up the leagues.

Councillor Adam Grist said: "This is a fantastic opportunity Skegness and the surrounding area. It will allow more people to access first-class sports facilities on their own doorstep and provide a boost to local sporting teams – in particular football and rugby."

Man arrested after teenager's death in Skegness collision

A 53 year-old man from Spilsby has been arrested on suspicion of causing death by careless driving after a 16-year-old girl died following a collision with several vehicles in Skegness.

Police were called to A158 near to the Southview Leisure Park on Burgh Road around 7am today.

The road was reopened around 4:30pm.

The man has been interviewed and released on police bail.


Skegness RNLI rescue quad biker

Skegness RNLI's inshore lifeboat was called out when a quad biker got his bike stuck in mud on the beach at Gibraltar Point.

The RNLI"s three volunteer crew members launched just after 3pm yesterday and headed towards Gibraltar Point, four miles south of the lifeboat station.

The lifeboat arrived to find the male quad biker on the beach near his semi-submerged bike, close to the entrance of the river.

Lifeboat helmsman Joe Pieniak said he didn't think they would be able to recover the bike before it became completely submerged by the tide.

Joe said: 'When we arrived on scene we could only see the handlebars above the water. The bike was stuck solid in the mud and with the tide rising fast our initial thoughts were to abandon it and get the biker safely back to dry land.'

However, the crew worked quickly to attach a tow rope to the quad bike in an effort to salvage it and after several attempts were able to pull it free of the mud and recover it out of the water.

Crew members Will Watson and Craig Willard helped the biker push the bike back towards the sand dunes but with the rapidly rising tide they soon found they had been cut off.

The crew were left with no alternative but to abandon the bike and return to Skegness with the biker in the lifeboat.

Joe added: 'It was frustrating that we'd managed to free the bike from the mud only to find the tide had beaten us and we couldn't get it back to dry land. But the priority was always the biker, who was safe and well and reunited with his friends at the lifeboat station.'

Police appeal to missing Skegness man

Police are appealing to a man from Skegness who has gone missing to contact his family and let them know he is safe and well.

Marc Mellors who is missing from Skegness Credit: Lincolnshire police

Marc Mellors , also known as Marc Saxton, was last seen around Claxby Street Andrew, near Alford between 2.30pm and 3.30pm on Friday 14 November 2014.

The 33-year-old had left his car following a minor crash and was seen walking towards Alford.

He is thought to have been wearing a grey hooded top, jeans and black canvas shoes.

He is described as 6ft tall, medium build, with short dark coloured hair. He has star shaped tattoos on his left arm.


Mark Smith gets bike safety message across to Prime Minister

Lincolnshire's Pride of Britain 'Fundraiser of the Year' finalist Mark Smith has been speaking to the Prime Minister about his campaign for compulsory wearing of cycle helmets.

Mark was nominated for the award for his work since his son Ryan suffered life-changing injuries after being knocked off his bike.

He missed out on the prize, but says the chance to talk to David Cameron was a great opportunity.

Skegness flooding forum

The Skegness Community Forum will meet today to discuss the risk posed by coastal flooding. The meeting will include speakers from local authorities and organisations such as the Environment Agency, so they can explain their work in protecting and preparing the coast for the future.

Pregnant cow's head stuck in wall for several hours

A pregnant cow, which became stuck in a wall in Skegness, has been freed by firefighters in Lincolnshire.

Credit: Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue Service
Crews had to use heavy breaking equipment Credit: Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue Service

The animal which was trapped for several hours had to be sedated before Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue service used heavy breaking equipment to get it out of the opening of a wartime pillbox.

Cow was assisted by Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue Credit: Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue Service
Cow was trapped for several hours Credit: Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue Service

It is now said to have fully recovered from the ordeal.

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