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Yorkshire couple to have dead dog cloned in South Korea

A couple from Yorkshire have travelled to South Korea to wait for the birth of two puppies cloned from their dead, much-loved dog.

Library picture of a boxer dog Credit: Press Association

Laura Jacques and Richard Remde from Skipton, are reported to have paid £67,000 to clone their boxer, Dylan, who died earlier this year.

Ms Jaques told The Guardian: "I had had Dylan since he was a puppy. I mothered him so much, he was my baby, my child, my entire world."

The couple are the first UK paying customers of the South Korean Sooam Biotech Research Foundation, which has already produced one cloned British dog for free following a competition.

The controversial laboratory has created more than 700 dogs but pet cloning has been criticised by a range of organisations, including Genewatch and the RSPCA.

The process involves extracting DNA from a recently dead animal and implanting this into an egg which has had the nucleus removed. This is then implanted into a surrogate mother.

Sooam's website says live cells can be taken from dogs up to five days after they have died.

It also give advice on how to store your dead pet in your fridge as you prepare for the process.

The cloned animals will have the same DNA as the original dog and share many traits.

According to the paper, Ms Jacques and Mr Remde obtained the DNA samples themselves after Dylan died following a brain tumour.

Mr Remde went to South Korea twice for the process.

Now the surrogate pregnancies have been confirmed, the pair have flown back to South Korea for the births. They said the first puppy is due on Boxing Day and the other a day later.

Mr Remde said: "It will be like five Christmases coming all at once."

Police appeal for missing man spotted in Skipton laundrette

Police are appealing for help to find a man missing from his home in Blackpool, who is thought to have been spotted in a laundrette in Skipton.

CCTV image from laundrette in Skipton

Andrew Howard, who is 54, disappeared on Tuesday December 15.

He is described as 5ft 7ins, medium build and has short dark brown hair and a beard. He was last seen wearing a red 'Weird Fish' waterproof jacket black shoes and a divers watch.

It is out of character for Andrew to go missing and we are getting very concerned about him. I would urge anyone who has seen him to contact us with any information as soon as possible.

Similarly, Andrew, if you see this appeal, please get in touch with us or your family to let us know you are safe.”

– PC Paul Hill Blackpool Police


Father of missing man makes emotional appeal

The father of a man who went missing after a night out in York has issued an emotional appeal for his safe return.

Rory Johnson-Hatfield Credit: North Yorkshire Police

Rory Johnson-Hatfield, 29, from Skipton was last seen three weeks ago in the City Mills area.

His family arranged additional searches of the River Ouse, with the York Rescue Boat, after police searches were suspended due to flooding.

Doug Hatfield said Rory's disappearance had "left a hole" in the family's heart.

CCTV images released in search for Rory Johnson

Police in York have released CCTV images as the search for missing Skipton man Rory Johnson continues.

Credit: North Yorkshire Police

It is hoped the images will jog the memories of anyone who may have seen Rory in York in the early hours of Friday 20 November 2015.

The images show Rory in Tower Street, York at around 12.39am opposite Clifford’s Tower. A further sighting of Rory in the City Mills area at 12.47am has since been confirmed by family members.

Credit: North Yorkshire Police

Officers are following a number of lines of investigation with the recent river searches being one of several.

We have now concluded very extensive searches of the river, both on the surface and using underwater sonar equipment. At present there is no reason to continue the search of the river, however, if further information allows us to target a specific location then searches would be resumed.

– Superintendent Adam Thomson, North Yorkshire Police


River searches for missing Rory Johnson postponed

North Yorkshire Police say that searches in York's River Ouse for missing man Rory Johnson have been postponed for today.

Credit: North Yorkshire Police

The Regional Underwater Search Team based at Humberside Police have made a safety assessment of the river this morning.

Due to adverse weather conditions and the current level of the river, it has been decided that the river is not safe enough for searches to resume today.

An assessment will be made again tomorrow morning by the Underwater Search Team, to determine whether it is safe for searches to go ahead.

Rory's family have been made aware and are being supported by specialist police officers.

Searches continue in York for missing Rory

Rory Johnson hasn't been seen since Friday Credit: North Yorkshire Police

Searches will resume this morning in York's river Ouse for a man who has been missing for more than four days.

29-year-old Rory Johnson from Skipton was last seen heading to a bar during a night out in the early hours of Friday morning.

Teams have searched the river for the past three days looking for him.

Missing Rory Johnson: Timeline of events

Police searching for missing Rory Johnson in York have released future information about his disappearance.

Credit: North Yorkshire Police

The 29-year-old from Skipton went missing on Thursday night, into Friday morning.

Here is a timeline of events as police understand them, leading to Mr Johnson's disappearance on the night

  • 11.30pm: Mr Johnson was at the The Postern Gate Wetherspoon pub - where he met someone (a hotel guest) and their father.
  • Midnight: Mr Johnson returned to Travelodge (York Central) with the two people he had met. Mr Johnson was staying the night there with his friend.
  • 12.15am: Mr Johnson left the hotel with one of the hotel guests he had met at the pub to go to another pub (unknown at this time).
  • 12.30am: Mr Johnson went missing. The person he had met assumed he had gone to the toilet or returned to the hotel.

Police divers and York boat rescue are extensively searching the River Ouse.

Search intensified for missing man in York

Police divers have intensified their search for Rory Johnson in York.

Credit: ITV News

The 29-year-old from Skipton was last seen on a night out in the early hours of Friday.

Credit: ITV News

York rescue boats have once again been combing the River Ouse and its banks this morning.

Posters have also been put up around York to appeal for information from the public.

Credit: ITV News
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