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Safety concerns over slippy road in Doncaster

South Parade is too slippy, it's claimed Credit: Calendar

This is South Parade in Doncaster where the Royal Mail have said it is too dangerous to deliver post in very wet conditions after a postman slipped and was injured. But businesses on the street say the move is ridiculous and say it could damage their trade.

Royal Mail spokeswoman, Morag Turnbull said:

"A member of staff fell due to moss on the pavement and steps at South Parade and consequently broke his shoulder. Following a risk assessment of the area, we have notified Doncaster Council of the danger posed by the poor condition of the pavement.

"We have explained to customers in South Parade that we must suspend deliveries to their address as a precautionary measure. They will be able to collect their mail from Doncaster Delivery Office. We know this is inconvenient and we apologise to customers.

Gill Gillies at Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council said:

"Our Highways officer has checked the full footway and there are no defects which require attention."