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Gritting East Yorkshire's roads

It's been a busy start to the year for gritters across our region with weeks of near-zero temperatures threatening dangerous driving conditions. The team responsible for East Yorkshire's fleet say they've coped well with winter so-far but they're prepared for worse. Our reporter James Webster spent a shift with them to see what challenges they have to face to keep people moving.


Snow causes travel distruption

It has been a white out today with the first heavy snowfall of the winter covering parts of our region.

It made the journey to work treacherous for many as side roads especially on high ground remained untreated.

Some areas only got a dusting while others were under six inches of snow.

Martin Fisher reports:

750 tonnes of salt used in Sheffield since last night

ARound 750 tonnes of salt has been laid in Sheffield since 6pm last night by 19 gritters. As the snow continues to fall, the gritters are focusing on roads on higher ground to ensure they remain as clear as possible.

Sheffield's Streets Ahead team is warning drivers to take extra care travelling on the roads tonight and tomorrow morning.

Temperatures are expected to fall rapidly this afternoon with a risk of ice forming on the roads and pavements. Gritters will continue to treat the roads in response to this. The weather conditions are being monitored continuously throughout the day and we will act in accordance with them. All residents and drivers are being asked to take extra care when travelling tonight and tomorrow morning and to drive to the weather conditions at all times.

– Streets Ahead spokesperson


Play time in the snow!

The snow may have caused disruption for humans, but some pets have been making the most of it. Effy the dog, who lives with her family in Barnsley, persuaded her owner to venture out into the garden and play ball.

Car crashes into front of Sheffield house

A car has crashed into the front room of a house in Meersbrook in Sheffield. Neighbours told Calendar that they were concerned the road hadn't been gritted.

We were very sorry to hear about the accident that took place at the bottom of Bishopscourt Road in Meersbrook this morning. This road has never been included on the gritting route and we would always encourage all drivers to travel on roads along the gritting route. The team had been out working hard since 6pm last night to ensure that all gritting routes (primary and secondary roads) were gritted and passable. We grit more than 60 per cent of Sheffield’s roads, which is more than any other local authority in the country. We would urge drivers to plan their route and drive to the conditions of the road at all times.

– Jayne Dunn Cabinet Member for Environment, Recycling and Streetscene
Credit: John Sephton
Scene of destruction at the house in Argyle Road after a car crashed into it
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