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British Red Cross help people affected by snow

As heavy snow caused chaos across the county this weekend, volunteers from the British Red Cross were out helping those who needed it most. Emergency response volunteers have been on-call to help those hit worst by the bad weather.

Volunteers transported district nurses in 4 x 4 vehicles to the homes of patients unable to get out because of the snow. Ten homes were visited overnight Friday and around fifteen on Saturday, with the team of nurses from the NHS to provide patients with essential medication around Leeds.

"Our volunteers have been out and about throughout Leeds working extremely hard over the weekend to help those who need their help. We will continue to be there for those in crisis during the snow inYorkshire throughout the weekend.

"We're so grateful for our volunteers who have been giving up their time to get out and support those who need it - they are doing sterling job"

– John Naylor, service manager for emergency response Yorkshire


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March could be the coldest in 50 years

Wide-spread disruption across the UK, due to snow and flooding, has led forecasters to predict this month will be the coldest March in 50 years.

John Lee, forecaster with MeteoGroup, the weather division of the Press Association, said the average temperature expected for central England at this time of year is 6C (42.8F), but so far this month the average is 2.2 degrees below that - at 3.8C (38.8F).

Cows huddle together in a field at Low Bradfield, near Sheffield following heavy snowfall in the area. Credit: Dave Higgens/PA Wire

That is significantly colder than last March, when averages were 8.3C (46.9F) - 2.3 degrees above the expected average.

"Comparing it to similar winters, it's provisionally going to be the coldest March in 50 years, although that can't be confirmed until we reach the end of the month," Mr Lee said.

He referred to 1962 - when average temperatures were even colder, at 2.8C (37F), adding: "That will take some beating.

"But the way we are going it looks like we are heading towards being the coldest March since then."

More snow is forecast for many areas, he said, but gradually, by the end of Saturday and the end of Sunday, it will be mostly dry.

Weather: More snow on the way

More snow and biting winds will again hit parts of northern England today, continuing a bleak week for Britain.

North-east England will see scattered snow storms throughout the day add a further five centimetres of the white stuff in higher ground and up to two cms in lower ground.

Coastal areas across England, Wales and Scotland will feel the worst of bitterly cold winds of up to 50mph, which will force temperatures down by around eight degrees.

The worst of the snow storms will hit the north-east of England from Northumberland down to Norfolk, and will be heavier over higher ground in places like the North Yorkshire Moors and Lincolnshire Wolds.

– Matt Dobson, Forecaster


Snow clearing underway in Sheffield

26 gritters as well as tractor ploughs, JCBs and other vehicles are out trying to clear the roads of snow in Sheffield.

Our operations are continuing and will do so until the snow is clear. Roads will be cleared in priority order. We are also doing all that we can to keep the pavements clear. We have been clearing snow from pavements on key city centre routes, around hospitals and around key shopping centres. This work has been ongoing since early morning and we have around 300 staff involved in this.

– Cllr Jack Scott, Sheffield City Council

Drivers told to take care on icy roads across Lincolnshire

One car which had come off the road near to the village of Potterhanworth Credit: Calendar News

Lincolnshire Police say they've dealt with around 25 road traffic collisions overnight as a result of the bad weather. Officers say there have been 15 incidents since 7am this morning, although there have been no serious injuries. There have been fewer incidents in the south of the county.

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