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Demand for public inquiry: families have waited "long enough"

The lawyer for a family demanding a public inquiry into their son's death says they have waited long enough for answers.

Lance Corporal Ben Hyde was one of six killed by a mob in Iraq ten years ago.

"The families have been seeking answers to questions for ten years and they still haven't had them adequately answered.

"The High Court proceedings we will be issuing will be for the purpose of getting to the truth of what happened on 24 June 2003 and the reasons why. For the avoidance of doubt the families are not seeking compensation and there will be no claim against the legal aid fund".

– Simon Mckay, lawyer acting for Ben Hyde's family

Soldier families demand public inquest

The family of a soldier from North Yorkshire have begun legal action demanding the Government order a public inquiry into his death.

Lance Corporal Ben Hyde was one of six murdered by a mob of Saddam Hussein loyalists in Iraq ten years ago.

Inquests into their deaths heard the soldiers stood no chance against the mob - having been issued with too little ammunition and poor communication equipment.

The legal action comes after the Supreme Court ruled that the Human Rights Act extended to the battlefield and commanders had a duty of care to troops.

Lance Corporal Thomas Keys, Sgt Simon Hamilton-Jewell, Corporal Russell Aston, Corporal Simon Miller and Corporal Paul Long also died in the ambush.


Red Cap murders: soldiers' families demand public inquiry

Lance Corporal Ben Hyde

The family of a soldier from North Yorkshire is taking legal action to force a public enquiry into his death. Lance Corporal Ben Hyde was one of six Royal Military Policemen murdered by a mob in Iraq ten years ago.

His family, from Northallerton, are among four families taking legal action to force the government to order a public enquiry.

The six Red Caps were killed in Majar Al Kabir in June 2003, when they were attacked by hundreds of angry locals.


Tributes flood in for Sapper Richard Walker from Leeds

Tributes have flooded in for Sapper Richard Walker from Leeds, who died in Afghanistan on Monday.

“Richard held two things close to his heart – his daughter and his colleagues in the Army. A proud, patriotic man, he died doing a job he loved, supporting his friends."

– Sapper Walker’s family

Sapper Walker was the epitome of a true Sapper, one who would roll up his sleeves and get on with the task in hand no matter what, but importantly he would do it with great humour. He made sure that he made the most of every opportunity, both in the Army and at home; it is without doubt that he had a lot to offer and a bright future.

He was hugely respected as a fit, professional soldier with a massive character. This was his first tour of Afghanistan but anyone would have thought he was a seasoned expert, such was his ability and professionalism.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with his family, including his young daughter Lilly-Faith, at this very difficult time.”

– Lt Col Chas Story, Commanding Officer, 28 Engineer Regiment
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