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Thousands of homes without working smoke alarms say South Yorkshire Fire

More than 80,000 South Yorkshire homes visited by firefighters did not have working smoke alarms, shocking new figures reveal.

Thousands of homes without working smoke alarms say South Yorkshire Fire Credit: South Yorkshire Fire

Of all the homes visited by South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue since 2010 as part of their home safety check service, over 40,000 had never had smoke alarms fitted before.

A further 42,000 homes had smoke alarms, but they were not working properly, either because the battery was flat or had been removed, or because they had been wrongly installed.

Fire safety officers fear that despite decades of campaigning on the issue of smoke alarms, thousands more families could be missing out on this life saving piece of equipment.

We have been providing free smoke alarms for more than a decade in South Yorkshire, and national campaigns about the importance of smoke alarm ownership and testing have been running since the 1980s. But still it seems there are thousands of people out there who are prepared to put their families’ lives at risk by ignoring this advice. Smoke alarms cannot stop a fire from happening in the first place, but what they do give you is the vital extra moments needed to escape in the event of one breaking out in your home. Smoke alarms cost as little as £5 from a DIY store or supermarket, giving you the reassurance that you’ll get an early warning if the worst does happen.

– Kevin Ronan, head of community safety

South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue has fitted more than 170,000 free alarms since 2010, plus dozens of specialist alarms for deaf or hard of hearing.

Car transporter catches fire in South Yorkshire

The transporter on fire was snapped by a Calendar viewer Credit: Liz Hull

Firefighters spent much of Monday afternoon tackling a fire on the M1.

The fire involved a car transporter and nine vehicles on the hard shoulder of the M1 northbound between junctions 30 and 31.

The fire broke out on the M1 Northbound between Junction 30 & 31 Credit: Liz Hull

Rotherham, Maltby and Mosborough fire crews tackled the incident, having been called to it at around 12.45pm.

The cause of the fire is not yet known.


Horse rescued from pond

Firefighters rescue Mungo the horse Credit: Vanda Ramsden

Barnsley firefighters rescued a 3 year-old horse from a pond in Honeywell on Thursday morning.

They were called to a field at Willow Bank shortly after 8am, and found the horse, Mungo, stranded with his head just above the water.

Firefighters rescue Mungo the horse Credit: Vanda Ramsden

A line was attached to the horse’s head collar to pull him out of the pond, and he was able to stand shortly after reaching dry land.

Mungo the horse stuck in the pond Credit: Vanda Ramsden

Mungo’s owner Vanda Ramsden said: “They saved Mungo’s life. He would not have been able to get out himself, and his head was only just above the water when we found him. The firefighters were amazing. I cannot thank them enough.”

Mungo and his rescuers Credit: Vanda Ramsden

A fire service spokesman said: "It’s thought Mungo became struck after wandering down to the pond to drink some water. The rescue took around 1 hour."