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Crime Commissioner Wright resigns

Shaun Wright clung on to his job for 21 days despite repeated calls for his resignation, including from the Prime Minister, but today South Yorkshire's Police and Crime Commissioner finally fell on his sword.

Mr Wright stepped down three weeks to the day after a shocking report revealed the devastating scale of child exploitation in Rotherham, some of it during a period he was in charge of Children's Services in the town.

In a statement he said he had done it "for the sake of those victims, for the sake of the South Yorkshire public" and so that his role would no longer be a distraction from the important issues that needed to be addressed. Chris Kiddey reports.


Hatfield deal a result of NUM faith in the future of coal in the UK

The National Union of Mineworkers says today's deal which secures the future of Hatfield Colliery for 18 months represents their faith in the future of coal in the UK.

It is thought around 500 jobs have been saved and officials say a new coal face will be opened in the coming months.

General Secretary Chris Kitchen told ITV Calendar that he hoped the deal was a stepping stone to future investment:

British Muslim Youth Association: Resignation a step towards restoring confidence

Community leaders in Rotherham have followed MPs in welcoming the resignation of Shaun Wright.

Muhbeen Hussain of British Muslim Youth Association told ITV Calendar they were planning a demonstration for Saturday, calling for his resignation had today's announcement not happened:


Keith Vaz: We wish resignation happened ten days ago

Home Affairs Select Committee Chairman Keith Vaz says South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner Shaun Wright has done the right thing by resigning but he says he wishes it had happened sooner.

Mr Vaz was chair of the panel that questioned Mr Wright over a report into child abuse in Rotherham where he was head of children's services for five years:

Funding saves 500 jobs for 18 months at colliery

Hatfield Colliery say today's announcement of funding from the National Union of Miners will save around 500 jobs until June 2016.

Funding saves 500 jobs for 18 months at colliery Credit: Press Association

An estimated £4 million deal has been agreed which will keep the colliery open and there are plans to open a new coal face in the coming months.

Bosses say they hope this deal will secure them more time to agree a deal which would keep the colliery open beyond 2016.

Yvette Cooper: Wright resignation highlights 'major problem with Government's model for PCCs'

The Shadow Home Secretary has welcomed the resignation of Shaun Wright saying his position was "untenable".

Yvette Cooper said the inability to "swiftly hold individuals to account" was "a major problem with Government's model for PCCs."

Yvette Cooper: Wright resignation highlights 'major problem with Government's model for PCCs' Credit: Press Association

It is a major problem with the Government's model for Police and Crime Commissioners that there is no swift way to hold individuals to account - even once they have lost the confidence of the public and victims of crime.

But this is not just about individuals, nor particular areas. The failures in Rotherham, Oxfordshire, Rochdale and the vile crimes of Savile show a pattern of failing victims and letting abusers get away with it. Far more action is needed urgently to tackle child sexual exploitation in every corner of the country. We need urgent progress on the national child abuse inquiry and immediate reforms to strengthen our child protection system.

– Yvette Cooper, Labour's Shadow Home Secretary

Rotherham MP welcomes PCC resignation

The MP for Rotherham Sarah Champion has welcomed the resignation of the South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner Shaun Wright.

Rotherham MP welcomes PCC resignation Credit: Press Association

I am delighted that Shaun Wright has finally stepped down from his role as South Yorkshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner. I called for his resignation as soon as the report was published as victims were failed while he was the Council Cabinet member responsible for children. I am extremely frustrated that it has taken Shaun Wright three weeks to resign as this has detracted from the real story, the victims. We must ensure that the focus of our efforts now is on supporting the victims, and bringing the perpetrators to justice.

– Sarah Champion, MP
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