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Police appeal after Sheffield stabbing

A 20-year-old man is unconscious in hospital with serious injuries after it is believed he was attacked at a location on or near Heeley Bank Roadin Sheffield. at around 9.50pm.

The incident happened around 9.50pm on Tuesday December 23 and the man was taken to hospital with multiple stab wounds where he is now in a stable condition.

Police are investigating and are appealing to anyone who may have witnessed the incident, been in the area at the time or have any information to come forward.

Shopping over the Festive period causes most stress

Braving the shops tops the list of what causes stress during the festive season, according to a poll by a blood pressure charity.

The Boxing Day sales can seriously damage your health, according to Blood Pressure UK Credit: ITV Yorkshire

Blood Pressure UK carried out the survey to demonstrate just what a stressful time of year the Festive period can be, and as the Boxing Day sales begin offer advice on how to keep blood pressure down.

The poll found that shopping for presents (29%), panic over what gifts to buy (16%) and the cost of Christmas (12%) are the biggest triggers for stress.

Only one in four people (25%) said they felt no stress at all over Christmas.

The charity provides information and support for the 16 million people living with high blood pressure, and raises awareness of how to prevent the condition.

"As this poll shows, Christmas can be quite stressful for a lot of people; everything from trying to find somewhere to park, braving the crowds during busy times and dealing with the queues, which can cause people to feel their blood pressure rising.

"However, stress is just one of many lifestyle factors that put up our blood pressure, which causes two-thirds of all strokes and half of all heart attacks."

– Professor Graham MacGregor, chairman of Blood Pressure UK

High blood pressure affects more than one in four adults in the UK and there are several factors that can cause the condition, which include not only stress, but also eating too much salt, drinking too much and the lack of physical activity - all elements that happen around Christmas time when we start to relax and over indulge.

"Many people are unaware they have high blood pressure; there are over five million people walking around like a ticking time bomb.

"High blood pressure is symptomless, but the strokes and heart attacks it causes are not, which is why it is called 'the silent killer'."Our advice is to stay away from the crowds if you find shopping stressful - try planning ahead or shopping online.

"Whilst you're at it, add a home blood pressure monitor to your shopping list, as measuring your blood pressure at home has been shown to be a great way to take control of your health."

– Katharine Jenner, chief executive of Blood Pressure UK

£1 fares to carry passengers through Xmas

Special bus services will run in Sheffield on Boxing Day and New Year’s Day for a festive fare of just £1 per journey.

The First and Stagecoach bus services, run as part of Sheffield Bus Partnership and funded by Sheffield City Council, will operate on selected routes on Boxing Day from 7am until around 6.30pm and on New Year’s Day between 8am and 5.30pm.


Charity funds special dietician for cystic fibrosis patients

A new charity funded dietician has started work with cystic fibrosis (CF) patients to tailor the food that they eat so that it matches their specific needs. Ellie Tidswell is working with patients on the CF Unit at the Northern General Hospital to help deliver the high calorie food they need whilst ensuring it meets their nutritional requirements and is as appetising as possible.

Dr Frank Edenborough, Ellie Tidswell, Marie Croft (housekeeper)

Money was raised to pay for a dietician for two years; half was contributed by a generous individual donor and the rest came from fundraising activities supported by the Sheffield Hospitals Charity.

Cystic Fibrosis consultant Dr Frank Edenborough said: “CF clogs the lungs and digestive system. As the disease progresses, it takes sufferers more and more energy just to breathe. Getting enough calories as well as the right nutrition is crucial in maintaining weight and their overall health.”

CF sufferers need a diet high in fat, calories and salt, which can be a challenge when other hospital patients are being encouraged to eat the opposite of this. They often lose their appetite and interest in eating when they are unwell which raises even more of a nutritional challenge.

Ellie said: “The young people I work with are in and out of hospital all of their lives. It is vitally important they maintain a healthy weight and I hope we will be able to help patients practically achieve this and provide a role model for what they should be doing at home. It is my passion to make their meals more fun and appetising so they get greater enjoyment in reaching their target weights.”

Charity appeals for unwanted gifts

This Christmas, British Heart Foundation (BHF) shops are urging people from Yorkshire and the Humber to give back by donating their unwanted Christmas presents to charity. The profit raised from BHF shops goes on to fund life-saving research into heart disease. Over half of people from Yorkshire & the Humber said they receive two unwanted Christmas presents every year. With the average price per Christmas gift at £21.75, over £2.7 billion pounds worth of unwanted presents could be donated to charity this year.

It’s incredible that there’s £2.7 billion worth of unwanted Christmas gifts in the UK this year. Every year people receive presents that are just not to their taste, are the wrong size, or even two of the same gift. These unwanted presents can make an extraordinary difference to BHF shops. We’re encouraging people from Yorkshire and the Humber to donate their unwanted gifts and help raise vital funds in the fight against heart disease.

– Diane Locke, British Heart Foundation

South Yorkshire Police hand out 'Jingle Bells' to deter thieves

Instead of dashing through the snow, mounted officers and horses have been making their way through towns in South Yorkshire this Christmas, offering crime prevention advice and ‘silver bells’ to festive shoppers throughout the county.

PC Tracy Brown with Treeton and PC Julie Bradshaw with Whirlow Credit: South Yorkshire Police

The South Yorkshire Police mounted section was established back in the early 1900s, and every single horse owned by the force is listed in a record book that is over 100 years old.

There are currently ten horses in the mounted section, based at Ring Farm in Cudworth, Barnsley. Each horse is named after an area in South Yorkshire, and then also has a more affectionate name, as T/Sergeant Kate Leake explains: “Hoober and Edlington are the two horses that I ride, however we refer to them as Harry (Hoober) and Eddie (Edlington).

“The names are just a little more personal. Each horse has developed their own personality over the years and they all have very different traits, although they all love extra strong polo mints!”

The other eight horses at the section are called Billy (Brinsworth), Whirly Gig (Whirlow), Fenwicky (Fenwick), Forest (Bawtry), Toon (Treeton), Bernie (Burngreave) Coco (Cawthorne) and George (Oakwell), all of which are Irish Drafts, Clydesdale or Shirecross breeds.

Throughout December, the mounted officers and horses have been out and about in Rotherham, Sheffield, Barnsley and Doncaster, speaking to Christmas shoppers and offering crime prevention advice, as well as handing out ‘silver bells’ which can be attached to handbags and purses to protect people from becoming a victim of purse dipping.

T/Sgt Leake continued: “There is a rise in this sort of crime during the festive period. Opportunistic thieves will target members of the public who are out Christmas shopping and will attempt to take purses and wallets from handbags.

“With the bells attached to the bag, they jingle and alert the person of the attempted theft. The sound of the horses can be heard before we are even seen aswell, which also acts as a great deterrent. Anything we can do to try and protect the public at this time of year from becoming a victim of crime we will endeavour to do.”

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