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Quake felt 100km from epicentre. No damage expected

An independent organisation in Paris that measures earth tremors says reports connected to tonight's earthquake in East Yorkshire have come from as far as 100km away.

EMSC (European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre) has plotted the data on a map showing that people as far away as Birmingham, Northampton and London think they felt the tremor, though no damage from the quake is expected.

Many people report feeling earthquake on Twitter

Many people have reported on Twitter feeling the earthquake that shook large parts of Yorkshire and Lincolnshire late on Saturday evening:


Seismology graph shows East Yorkshire tremor

The British Geological Survey has published a seismology graph showing a large blip which is the tremor felt across much of East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire this evening. The large black mark towards the bottom of the chart indicate when the 3.9 magnitude tremor struck, close to Hull.

British Geological Survey seismology graph Credit: British Geological Survey

Officials say the quake is the largest in the area since the quake in Market Rasen on 27 February 2008 which, at magnitude 5.2, was 90 times larger.

They say earthquakes of this size occur approximately every two years in the UK, adding that worldwide there are approximately 8000 events annually that are larger than the one felt this evening.

British Geological Survey confirms East Yorkshire quake

The British Geological Survey has confirmed an earthquake took place in East Yorkshire at 23:14, at a depth of 18km and magnitude 3.9, felt across Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

Location of earthquake Credit: British Geological Survey

Experts are asking anybody who felt their house to shake to fill in a short survey.

Independent earthquake monitors say tremors centred on Spurn Point

An independent organisation in Paris (European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre) that monitors earth tremors says a magnitude 3.9 quake centred on Spurn Point in East Yorkshire was felt in the last hour.

Reports of tremors across Yorkshire being investigated

The British Geological Survey says it is investigating reports of tremors across the North of England. People across large parts of Yorkshire and Lincolnshire have reported feeling an earthquake in the last hour.


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