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"Silent killer" awareness campaign

Dominic Rodgers Credit: ITV Yorkshire

Stacey Rodgers and the Kirklees Carbon Monoxide Awareness Group are launching a new carbon monoxide campaign. Stacey's young son Dominic died from CO poisoning when fumes seeped into his bedroom. An inquest into his death was told a faulty boiler in a neighbouring property was to blame.

Dominic would have turned 19 this year and so the campaign is aimed at young people. It features a CO awareness film which has been developed by the staff and students of the Creative and Media School in Huddersfield.

The students have written, produced, starred in and edited the film as part of their studies. Its aim is to capture the attention of other young people on the brink of independence, alert them to the dangers of carbon monoxide and tell them how they can help keep themselves safe.