Speaker backing for McIntosh

Speaker John Bercow has given his backing to a Tory MP who faces being ousted from her seat by her local Conservative association.

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Waste management firm insist plant is safe after second fire in three years

A waste management firm has insisted the plant is safe despite suffering the second large scale fire there in three years.

Around 45 firefighters were called to Todd Waste Management in Thirsk, shortly after 5am after the blaze broke out in buildings containing 160 tonnes of compacted household and commercial waste.

This is the second fire at the plant in three years. The first in May 2011. Firefighters said the blaze was under control but are expected to be on the site until tomorrow. Philip Atkinson, a director at the plant, said their procedures had worked and insisted the plant was safe.


Paul Brand's exclusive interview with MP Anne McIntosh

The North Yorkshire MP Anne McIntosh says it'd be 'undemocratic' if she wasn't given another go at being selected as the Tory candidate for Thirsk and Malton. Despite being in parliament for seventeen years, the Conservative MP was dropped by her local party last month.

She now wants another vote on who should be the Tory candidate - this time giving all of her constituents a say. Our Political Correspondent Paul Brand has the story.

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Anne McIntosh speaks exclusively to ITV about being deselected

Anne McIntosh MP with ITV's political correspondent Paul Brand Credit: ITV

Political Correspondent Paul Brand has an exclusive interview with Anne McIntosh MP for Thirsk and Malton. The Conservative MP has avoided interviews about her deselection until now.

But in an interview with Paul, at Thirsk Livestock market, she reveals how she really feels about being dropped by her local party. And she clearly feels her deselection wasn't fair.

Anne McIntosh and Paul Brand at Thirsk Livestock market Credit: ITV

Residents quiz police over new headquarters plans

Residents of South Kilvington and the surrounding area will be able to find out more about North Yorkshire Police's proposals for a new headquarters and custody suite on the outskirts of the village.

Members of the project team - including representatives from the North Yorkshire Police's estates team, planners, architects and other consultants - will be on hand to discuss various aspects of the proposals and gather feedback, questions and concerns from residents and interested parties.

The project team is keen to gather ideas and feedback from the local community as work continues to develop the proposals.

At this stage, the focus is on understanding the views on several aspects of the proposals, including:

  • Potential benefits to the local community that could be brought about as part of the work
  • The economic benefits to South Kilvington and the wider Thirsk area
  • Issues such as drainage, sewage, traffic through the village and parking at the school

This is the first of many opportunities the residents of South Kilvington will get to feedback their views and influence the design of any proposals we may put forward.

I would encourage local people to come along to learn more about the proposals, meet the project team and raise any questions they may have at this early stage. Importantly, it will also be an opportunity for people to say what they would like to see as a result of any development, such as parking improvements or improved playing facilities in the village.

If we decide later to submit a planning application - and this is not a done deal - the feedback of consultation will be published beforehand and will influence any plans for the site. We will also make clear how the proposals have altered as a result of consultation.

– Julia Mulligan, Police and Crime Commissioner
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