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Todmorden recycling centre to re-open for Xmas

The Todmorden waste recycling centre completely razed by a disgruntled council contractor in July is to open in time for Christmas.

Trevor Lewis snapped when he suffered a painful knee injury and embarked on a wrecking spree at the tip where he worked causing damage running to £220,000. His moment of madness resulted in him being jailed for three years in September.

Jailed: Trevor Lewis

The repair cost was met by SITA UK’s insurers, meaning that there was no cost to Calderdale council or council tax payers.

The site is expected to reopen to the public on December 23rd between 9am and 4pm from Monday to Saturday and between 10am and 4pm on Sunday.

SITA UK Regional Manager, Julie Craigie said:

“I would like to thank local residents for their patience during the closure of the site and for their continued commitment to recycling during this difficult period. Now that the site is to be open once again, we look forward to welcoming people back and helping Calderdale’s residents put their waste to good use.”

Damage at the tip
July 2014

Contractor jailed for £300,000 rampage

Trevor Lewis, a council contractor, had never been in trouble with the law but he snapped when he suffered a painful knee injury.

His workmates couldn't believe their eyes as he embarked on a wrecking spree at the tip where he worked causing damage running to £300,000 pounds.

His moment of madness resulted in him being jailed for three years.

Chris Kiddey reports:


"Digger rampage" jail sentence sets example to others

The Crown Prosecution Service has said the repairs made after a council worker drove a digger through a recycling site in Todmorden caused "considerable inconvenience" to residents.

A spokesman added that the three year jail sentence handed to Trevor Lewis - who told Bradford Crown Court he had been depressed after an injury - would serve as an example to others.

“On 19 July 2014, Trevor Lewis took a JCB digger and systematically destroyed the recently refurbished Eastwood waste recycling facility, sited between Todmorden and Hebden Bridge.

“This act of wanton vandalism caused an estimated £300,000 damage to the site, as well as some damage to a neighbouring property.

"It has also resulted in considerable inconvenience to local residents while the site is closed for rebuilding. Today Lewis has been sentenced to three years in prison which I hope will demonstrate how seriously this type of crime is viewed by the police, by the CPS, and by the courts.”

– Jan Lamping, Senior District Crown Prosecutor, CPS Yorkshire and Humberside

Three years in jail for "digger rampage" worker

A worker who wrecked a council recycling depot with a digger, causing £300,000 of damage, has been jailed for three years by a judge at Bradford Crown Court.

Trevor Lewis, 59, from Hebden Bridge, had admitted destroying the centre where he worked at Todmorden in July.

He set fire to portable buildings and used the digger to tear down metal steps, railings and wooden fencing.

The court heard he was depressed after suffering a knee injury which made it difficult for him to do his job.

Watch footage of the damage he caused at the time:

Yorkshire slaughter boss admits horsemeat charges

Peter Boddy Credit: Press Association

A West Yorkshire slaughterhouse boss has became the first person to plead guilty to criminal charges connected to the horsemeat scandal which rocked British supermarkets last year.

Peter Boddy, 65, admitted failing to comply with food traceability regulations which state the source of meat should be traceable from field to fork.

Boddy, who runs a slaughterhouse in Todmorden, admitted selling 50 horses for meat but failing to keep proper records to show who bought them.

There is no suggestion that buyers did not know they were purchasing horse meat.

Prosecutors said they did not know where the meat might have ended up.

Boddy's slaughterhouse in Todmorden Credit: Press Association

Wearing a beige jacket and blue shirt, Boddy stood in the dock at London's Southwark Crown Court and pleaded guilty to the single count.

David Moss, the slaughterhouse's manager, denied forging an invoice concerning the number of horses sold in a transaction.

Both men are also charged with failing to comply with food traceability requirements for more than 17 horse carcasses between July 2012 and February 2013.

But they did not enter pleas and intend to apply for the charge to be dismissed.

The pair will stand trial next year, at a date to be confirmed, at Southwark Crown Court.


New recycling plant near Todmorden 'destroyed'

A man has run amok with a digger at a recycling plant near Todmorden causing extensive damage. An office at the depot at Eastwood was set alight and yards of steel railings, fencing and lamposts were brought down. A man is now understood to be in police custody. The depot re-opened late last year after a major refit.

The site in Todmorden Credit: Calendar
An investigation is underway Credit: Calendar

Bicentenary celebrations at Stoodley Pike monument

Bird's eye view as people gather at Stoodley Pike for bicentenary celebrations Credit: Sue Taylor
Music fills the air at Stoodley Pike to mark its 200th anniversary Credit: Sue Taylor
Giant puppets at Stoodley Pike for 200th birthday celebrations Credit: Sarah Clark

Celebrations have been taking place today at the summit of Stoodley Pike to mark the 200th anniversary of the laying of the original monument's foundation stone. The monument sits 121 feet high, on top of the world above Todmorden in West Yorkshire.

Brass band, samba bands and puppeteers joined walkers to celebrate the historic birthday.

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Two hundreds years anniversary of peace monument

Haunting: Stoodley pike is seen from miles around Credit: Calendar news

It's 200 years since the first stones were laid for the Stoodley Pike peace momument which stands proudly on top of the world above Todmorden in West Yorkshire. At 121 feet high, It has a magnetic appeal for walkers and cyclists alike.

And today they will be joined by brass and samba bands, pupeteers - and 200 homing pigeons which willl be released to celebrate the pike's Bicentenary.

The building of the original pike was inspired by the treaty of Paris in May 2014, symoblising the end of the Napoleonic Wars and effectively peace, at long last, between the English and the French.

Although the original was later destroyed by lightning, its present-day replacement is still listed amongst the oldest towers dedicated to peace in the world. It was completed in 1815 after the Battle of Waterloo.

So it's a fitting tribute to celebrate it's 200th anniversary in the summer the Tour de France passes just a few miles away - and with visitors from Todmorden's twin town of Roncq in Northern France who will be accompanying members of Calder Civic Trust, who have organised today's event.

Anyone wanting to join in the organised walk is asked to meet in the car park of the Top Brink public house between 12.10 and 12.30, the fun starting the pike at 2pm.

Bird's eye view for paragliders Credit: Calendar news
Pike pilgrimage - the monument has a magnetic attraction for walkers Credit: Calendar news
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