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The Goole water tower in numbers

The water tower in Goole is a very well known landmark in the town but it can be difficult to appreciate the scale of the structure. Here are some statistics:

  • The tower holds 3.4m litres of water (enough to fill 1½ Olympic swimming pools)
  • The structure is around 50 metres tall (165 feet)
  • It supplies the entire population of Goole, estimated at 19,360 people.
  • Almost a mile of scaffolding was needed to reach the top.
  • The repairs will cost around £420,000


Picture: Restoration of Goole's Saltpot water tower are taking shape

Goole's Saltpot water tower Credit: Calendar

Around 1km of scaffolding was needed around the tower to carry out the repairs. It took 12 weeks alone to erect that.

Contractors working on the site Credit: Calendar

Contractors are working from top to bottom removing pieces of concrete that were breaking off the structure and filling in cracks. They are then repainting around the repairs.

Work progressing to restore Goole's iconic Saltpot tower

Work to restore the historic Saltpot water tower in Goole is progressing well. Contractors for Yorkshire Water have put scaffolding up the 150 foot high building to enable them to work on the concrete that makes up he structure.

When the tower was built in 1926 it was Europe's largest water tower. Even though it is a much loved local landmark, very few people have climbed it other than those who built it. The town's MP Andrew Percy will get a tour of it this morning to check on the work's progress.