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Plea for people to join organ register

Figures out today reveal 44 people died last year in Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire because of a shortage of organs.

NHS Blood and Transplant is asking people to spell out their decision to donate by joining the organ register and by having a conversation with their family. They say it will make a difference and help people like Glen Taylor from Barnsley.

Report: Teenager turns down life-saving operation

A teenager from West Yorkshire has turned down a life saving double transplant for the second time in the hope that his quality of life will be better without the gruelling operation.

Liam Gawthorpe first said no to the operation when he was younger, and now at the age of 18 he's still says he'd rather just let nature take its course than face major surgery.

It's a decision that his parents say is as brave as it is heartbreaking. Claire Ashforth reports.

Facts about heart and lung transplants

Heart and lung transplants involve major surgical procedure and are rarely performed. During the surgery, a person's diseased heart and lungs are replaced with the heart and lungs of someone who has recently died.

The NHS says heart and lung transplants are only carried out when all other treatment options have been exhausted. A 2010 study that assessed the long-term outcomes of people who have had a heart-lung transplant found that:

  • 70% will survive for one year
  • 50% will survive for two years
  • 39% will survive for five years


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