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Northern Rail: Extra trains brought in to deal with demand

A Northern Rail spokesperson says they have brought in extra engines and carriages to help relieve the demand on the service with people seeking to travel from Leeds to Harrogate.

They now say all the backlog has been cleared.

We have successfully moved many thousands of passengers today. Additional services and longer trains have been put on to help deal with increased demand.

There has been a significant wait for passengers wanting to travel to Harrogate from both Leeds and York stations owing to the sheer volume of people wanting to travel.

We have had volunteers and additional staff talking to passengers, advising them of the wait and helping them to weigh up their options.

We thank everyone for their patience and for entering in to the spirit of the weekend.

– East Coast Rail


Extra seats on trains but services remain busy

Northern Rail say services in Yorkshire this morning continue to be very busy. More than 100,000 extra spaces will be available for passengers over the course of the Tour de France weekend.

Fans flock through Yorkshire by rail
Fans flock through Yorkshire by rail

National rail say they have hired in extra carriages which will be taking passengers between Leeds and Harrogate all day.

As of 11.30 reports of very busy trains between Leeds and Ilkley and York – Harrogate - Leeds.


Big waits for trains between York & Harrogate


Train services from York to Harrogate are currently very busy. We apologise for any delays caused by this. #TdfTravel


At least a 2-3 hour wait for trains to Harrogate from Leeds & York, plenty to see and do where you are


Due to vast numbers currently trying to travel from York to Harrogate, customers may have to wait at least an hour to get on a train.

M62 closed Eastbound after 'serious incident'


#M62 at #HartsheadMoor Services btwn J25 and J26 closed both directions for a serious accident. Air Ambo at scene.


M62 Update - Westbound carriageway has been re-opened. Eastbound will remain closed for the foreseeable future.

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