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Theme park aims to plant 2000 new trees

Flamingo Land is holding its annual tree-planting weekend. The theme park is aiming to plant 2000 more native trees in its grounds. This will take the total number of trees planted there to 10,000.

Forests and woodlands are being destroyed across the world, with a land area the size of Belgium lost each year. We are enormously proud of this milestone that will leave a legacy for future generations.

– Dr. Andrew R. Marshall


Fallen tree crushes car

Fallen tree crushes car Credit: Steve Batty
Lucky escape Credit: Steve Batty
Tree crushes parked car Credit: Steve Batty

And what a lucky escape in Sheffield today - after a tree has fell onto a car in the city centre.

It happened on Broomhall Road, near the University of Sheffield earlier. Steve Batty, a lecturer there sent us these images.

The tree fell onto a parked car and luckily nobody was passing beneath it at the time and the parked care was unoccupied. He said it's a wonder no-one was seriously injured.