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Support for accused plumber locked up in Greece

The wife of a West Yorkshire plumber who says he's been falsely accused of carrying out a string of armed robberies in Greece is preparing to fly out to the country to help him clear his name.

Fran Prenga is behind bars and about to stand trial for the crimes. Now, his wife insists she can prove it's a case of mistaken identity. Ben Erlam has been to meet her.


Wife prepares to fly to Greece for trial

Louise and Fran Prenga from Otely Credit: family photo

The wife of a plumber from Otley is preparing to fly out to Greece in order to support him through his trial. Fran Prenga is accused of armed robberies in Athens but insists he is innocent and a victim of mistaken identity.

His wife, Louise, joins him next week and says she will stay by his side until his trial is over - and hopefully his name cleared.