The inside word on Bloom by Paul Brand

Calendar's political correspondent Paul Brand gives his version of how the controversial MEP for Yorkshire and Humber sealed his fate.

Godfrey Bloom MEP

Bloom says it's his job to upset

Godfrey Bloom , the Yorkshire and the Humber UKIP MEP has dismissed the furore over comments he made about oversea aid

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UKIP announces regional Euro election candidates

UKIP Euro candidate Jane Collins
UKIP Euro candidate Jane Collins Credit: UKIP

UKIP has announced its candidates for next year's European elections.

In Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire the lead candidate is Jane Collins, the party's Regional Constituency Manager, who lives in Newport, East Yorkshire.

In recent years Jane has contested by-elections in Barnsley and Rotherham and come second each time.

UKIP Euro candidate Amjad Bashir
UKIP Euro candidate Amjad Bashir Credit: UKIP

Next on the regional list is Amjad Bashir, the party's spokesman for small and medium business.

A successful entrepreneur and businessman he was drawn to UKIP by the pledge to escape from EU bureaucracy and red tape and has been working hard towards this end.

He has been a board member of the Bradford Chamber of Commerce, as well as a director of Bradford Training and Enterprise Council. He has also been been a director of Asian Business Development Network.

UKIP Euro candidate Mike Hookem
UKIP Euro candidate Mike Hookem Credit: UKIP

Third on the regional list is Hull based Mike Hookem, 60, who is the party''s Regional Chairman and travels hundreds of miles a month visiting branches.

An ex-Labour supporter Mr Hookem said, "We have a great team in this area and we are all working together to get our country back."

The other three candidates on UKIP's list for the region are Gary Shores, Jason Smith and Anne Murgatroyd.


Bloom - Farage says Calendar interview sealed Godfrey's fate

The full interview with UKIP leader Nigel Farage after the controversial politician Godfrey Bloom quit as a UKIP MEP for Yorkshire and the Humber following his outbursts on the day of his party's annual conference last week.

Mr Bloom was suspended on Friday after he made offensive remarks about women, lashed out at a journalist with a brochure, and threatened Calendar's Political correspondent. He's staying on as an independent MEP and as a member of UKIP.

Mr Farage revealed that threats to Calendar's Paul Brand sealed his fate.


Bloom: UKIP not right for me anymore

Godfrey Bloom released a statement announcing that he will sit as an independent MEP but will remain a UKIP member:

I have felt for some time now that the ‘New UKIP’ is not really right for me anymore. I shall sit out my term as an independent and give my whole hearted support to Jane Collins who is almost certainly going to be the next UKIP MEP and probably a second seat yet to be decided. I shall of course retain my membership.

– Godfrey Bloom


Nigel Farage: 'hacked off' with Bloom over comments

The leader of the UK Independence Party has reacted angrily following the behaviour of Yorkshire and Humber MEP Godfrey Bloom at the party's annual conference.

Mr Bloom has had the whip withdrawn after calling women at the meeting in Westminster 'sluts' before hitting a journalist with a brochure. Nigel Farage says he is 'hacked off' with Mr Bloom and feels his actions have distracted attention from the party's core message.


Fellow Ukip MEP: Bloom's comments 'very damaging'

Fellow Ukip MEP Roger Helmer has criticised Godfrey Bloom, who has had the party whip removed after calling women "sluts" at a Ukip fringe event.

Mr Helmer told Channel 4 News:

He is a colourful and outspoken character and I don't think there's any malice in his make up...It's quite clear that today he went way over the top, his remarks are very unhelpful, very damaging.

I'm sorry he didn't keep his tongue under a little more control.


Farage: Bloom has ruined Ukip party conference

Ukip leader Nigel Farage said MEP Godfrey Bloom has ruined the party's conference after he called women "sluts".

Nigel Farage during his speech at the UKIP party conference. Credit: John Stillwell/PA Wire

Watch: Ukip MEP defends calling women 'sluts'

Farage told his party conference: "Increasingly over past months his statements have left us in a position where, frankly, what we stand for and what we campaign for are irrelevant.

"Because all anyone wants to know is Godfrey's latest comment, I've had very sharp words with him about it."

He added: "There is no media coverage of this conference, it's gone, it's dead, it's all about Godfrey hitting a journalist and using an unpleasant four letter word.

"We can't put up with it and I said to you earlier, we cannot have any one individual, however fun or flamboyant or entertaining or amusing they are, we cannot have any one individual destroying Ukip's national conference and that is what he's done today."

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