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Police could review Thatcher funeral plans after Boston blasts

Former Metropolitan Police Officer Graham Whettone has told Daybreak that security protocols surrounding Margaret Thatcher's funeral will most likely be reviewed in light of what happened at the Boston Marathon.

He said: "If they need to advance [the plans] then they will do, there's different tactical options the police can employ at various events, they will just review those now, if they need to advancer them then they will do."


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Report: 144 injured in Boston Marathon blasts

The total of people injured by blasts at the Boston Marathon has risen to 144 people, officials at Boston area hospitals said to CNN.

At least three people were killed by two blasts at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, police confirmed.

Doctors said that many of the injured who were admitted to hospital had severe leg injuries caused by shrapnel, and confirmed at least 10 amputations.

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Dramatic footage of second Boston blast emerges

Amateur video shot by a spectator showed the aftermath of the first detonation shortly before a loud bank signals the second bomb going off.

The footage shows a mushroom of smoke billowing up between buildings as crowds of onlookers scramble to leave the viewing stands.

Cries of "get out of the stands" can be heard along with sirens and screams.

Warning: This footage contains scenes which may cause distress.

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Police Commissioner: Third explosion at JFK Library

Boston Police Commissioner Edward Davis has told reporters there were three separate explosions in Boston - the first two near the finish line of the marathon and a third at the John F. Kennedy Library in the city.

He said that police were treating the explosions as related.

Here is an excerpt from the briefing he just gave to reporters:

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