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Violin in Bridlington attic is Titanic artefact

The violin played during the Titanic disaster

It has been described as the most important artifact recovered from the Titanic. And now tests have revealed that a Violin found in an attic in Bridlington is the one played by the band leader, Wallace Hartley, as the ship went down.

The 24-year-old musician lived at this house in Dewsbury for 16 years and was engaged to Maria Robinson from Bridlington. She bought the violin for him as gift - and it's the silver engraved plaque that has helped scientists prove that this is really his instrument.

The violin was strapped to Wallace's body when he was recovered and returned to Maria - it's believed he used the case as a buoyancy aid.

After that the instrument disappeared, until it was discovered in the loft of Maria's former home. From there it was passed to Bridlington's Salvation army, where the importance of the discovery was realised.