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Vulcan take off

The last airworthy Vulcan bomber has finally taken off from it's base at Doncaster's Robin Hood airport to mark 30 years since the iconic aircraft was used to vital effect in the Falklands War. Poor weather conditions meant a delay of more than four hours.

It's also 60 years since the Vulcan's first ever flight - and the charity which runs the aircraft, says it hopes it will be used as part of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations


30th Anniversary of Vulcan flight

Martin Withers Credit: David Hirst

It's the 30th anniversary of the use of the Vulcan bomber in the Falklands conflict.

Martin Withers was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for his part in the Falklands. He is at Doncaster Robin Hood Airport this afternoon to mark the anniversary.

It's still unclear whether the Vulcan will be allowed to take to the skies for a test flight because of poor weather conditions

Vulcan in flight at Robin Hood airport

The last airworthy Vulcan aircraft will take off on a test flight today.

If all goes well, the plane's Permit to Fly will be renewed, confirming it reaches all aviation safety standards.

The plane's team is getting ready for a busy flying schedule over the Jubilee period.

The Vulcan aircraft played an important part in the Falklands Conflict, dropping bombs on the airport at Port Stanley.

Meanwhile, a keen model maker has built a mini model of the Vulcan.