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Hundreds left without water in Lincolnshire Wolds

Hundreds of households in the Lincolnshire Wolds are still without running water after a burst pipe initially left more than 1,000 properties without supplies.

Anglian Water says it's working around the clock to get things back on track - but officials say the rural lie of the land is complicating matters. It's also estimated it could take up to 48 hours to get everything fixed. Kate Hemingway has been following developments.


Campaign to cut water usage

People are being urged to think twice about how much water they use. It's part of a Yorkshire Water campaign to cut usage by a million litres a day across the region. The company is backing the aims of World Environment Day, and wants its customers to do the same. But it's also looking closer to home as it tries to reduce leakage from its own pipe network by ten million litres a day. Sally Simpson took to the skies and sent this report.

Investing in reservoirs

Yorkshire Water is investing millions of pounds in new reservoirs that can hold enough drinking water to fill three Olympic swimming pools.

They are being brought in to replace outdated storage tanks and provide a reliable supply of clean water for homes across the county. Paul Burland reports.

Lincoln MP reacts to hosepipe ban end

As Anglian Water prepares to end its hosepipe ban at midnight for customers in Lincolnshire, Karl McCartney MP shares his views.

I also share my constituents’ disappointment and dismay that they have not received a rebate from Anglian Water for being prevented from using their hosepipes, especially if they have a water meter and so pay for the water they use. They pay for a utility service, but that service has sadly been lacking from Anglia Water . Once again, it seems, profit is being put ahead of treating customers fairly.

I am very pleased that the hosepipe ban will now end, but water companies must do more to ensure that they discharge their responsibilities to their customers more effectively in future.

– Karl McCartney, MP for City of Lincoln


Water company ballot

Thousands of workers at a water company with customers in North Lincolnshire are going to be balloted for strike action in a row over pay.

Around 5,000 members of the GMB union at Severn Trent will vote on the action after rejecting a 2% pay offer.

This 2% offer is the lowest in the industry and is well below inflation. It is not acceptable to GMB members.

Severn Trent Water has just announced the payment of a special dividend of £150 million to shareholders over and above the £100 million paid in the normal dividends.

Severn Trent have also increased bills to customers by 5.2%, raising an additional £60 million which they have simply passed on to the shareholders.

– Gary Smith, GMB officer

Hosepipe ban

It is expected that Anglian Water will lift the hosepipe ban, which has been in place since April.

The ban was first put in to deal with drought because after two dry winters groundwater supplies and river levels were low. However, following the restrictions there has been record rainfall across the UK.

Last week, in a drought briefing, the Environment Agency said the wet weather had significantly reduced the risk of drought and further restrictions for the summer.

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