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A 'Weekend of Two Halves'

It's goodbye to all that mist and low cloud from Sunday. Credit: KEITH HAZELWOOD
Saturday Credit: ITV Weather/Met Office

Saturday will again be quite cloudy over the Calendar region with a few showery outbreaks of rain, especially in Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and eastern Yorkshire. Brighter weather will reach the Dales and North Yorkshire later. Highs: 18ºC in light winds.

Sunday Credit: ITV Weather/Met Office

At last we will be rid of the low cloud and mist! Sunday will be a dry and bright day with sunny spells. There will be some high cloud floating around, especially in the afternoon, but it will be well broken. Additionally, visibility will be much improved with good horizons so it'll be an ideal day for taking a walk in the hills. Highs: A fresher 18ºC in light northerly winds.

Weekend Weather Outlook

Brightening up with scattered showers. Credit: ITV Weather/Met Office

Friday night's rain will still be around Saturday morning but it will turn more showery during the day as the sun pops out. It will feel cooler with highs around 18ºC but winds will remain light. It will be a chilly night Saturday night but that will give a fine day on Sunday. It is expected to be dry with long spells of sunshine. Top temperature: 17ºC in light winds.

Cold start. Fine and dry. Credit: ITV Weather/Met Office

Next week sees a return to high pressure on the weather chart which means dry and settled weather. As always, stay up to date with the latest weather forecast brought to you this weekend by Emma Jesson.


This Week's Weather Prospects from JON MITCHELL

The last sunset of August 2014 over Low Ackworth. Credit: LES PARSONS

High pressure is coming this week, that means dry, sunny and hot weather, right? Wrong! or at least partly wrong. Atmospheric pressure is measured by a barometer and high pressure on a weather chart is as a result of descending air. This descending air warms through compression and helps to dissolve clouds in the higher layers of the troposphere (the lowest part of the atmosphere). Sadly, this process is not always effective in dissolving layers of cloud in the lowest few thousand feet of the atmosphere and this is going to be a problem this coming week.

High pressure is in the 'wrong place' Credit: Met Office/ITV Weather

The high pressure this coming week is centred over Scandinavia which, in a way, is in 'the wrong place'. Surface winds blow clock-wise around a 'high' so winds will be coming into eastern England from the North Sea. This keeps the lowest layers of the atmosphere cool and moist - ideal for cloud development. The cloud won't be thick enough for significant rain, so at least it's good news for farmers and growers in that respect, but it will be stubborn at times and reluctant to break to allow the sun to shine. Indeed it is more likely to break to the lee of the Pennines i.e. Lancashire and Cumbria. Where the sun does pop out though it will feel warm. High pressure and thus dry weather at the moment (Monday lunchtime) looks likely to stay until the middle of September. As always, forecasts can change, especially in the longer range so keep up to date with the very latest forecast.


A Mixed Weekend Rounds off an 'Average Summer'

Stormy sky over Lockwood Huddersfield Credit: Photo: SEAN COLLINDRIDGE

After a dry and warm start, summer 2014 is set to end on a rather average note – with temperatures and rainfall close to normal levels for the season.

Using figures up to 27 August and then assuming average conditions for the final few days of the month, Met Office statistics show the UK mean temperature for this summer will be around 14.8C. This is just 0.5C above the long term average (1981-2010).

Rainfall overall is close to average, with the UK having seen 246.7mm of rain – which is just over the long-term average of 241.0mm. Rainfall from the final few days of August will add to this number, so overall the summer will be slightly wetter than average.

As ever when looking over a whole season, the statistics mask some big variations between each month.

June and July were both characterised by drier and warmer than average conditions across the UK which meant the summer was already one of the best we’ve seen in recent years.

Map showing August UK rainfall as a percentage of the long-term (1981-2010) average for the month Credit: Met Office

August bucked that trend, however, with cooler and wetter than average weather. Taken together, this has led to the fairly average final statistics for summer.

Looking specifically at the early August figures, also released today, the UK mean temperature up to the 27th of the month is 13.8C which is 1.1C below the long-term average. This ranks it as currently the coolest August since 1993, but that could change when the final few days of the month are added.

August is also the first month since November 2013 to have been cooler than average, breaking an eight month run.

In terms of rainfall, August has been much wetter than average, with 127.1mm of rain which is 142% of the long-term average (89.5mm). This makes it the 18th wettest August in the records, but it may climb higher when the figures for the whole month are available.

What's in store this weekend? Saturday will see sunny spells and showers, the showers most frequent in Pennine areas, the best of the sunshine will be towards the east coast. It'll feel quite cool in the breeze with a high of 19ºC. Sunday will be a fine and dry day with sunny spells. There will be less wind too, so it will feel slightly warmer with a high of 20ºC Whatever you are doing, have a great weekend. JON MITCHELL

Holiday Weekend Weather Prospects

Cumulus cloud over Cowling Pinnacle in Craven. Credit: RAY GRAHAM

Today (Saturday) will be very similar to yesterday in that there will be plenty of sunshine first thing but cumulus clouds will develop and that will bring a scattering of showers this afternoon, mainly, but not exclusively, east of the A1. Highs are still disappointing at around 17ºC. Saturday night will be dry but chilly with lows in the sticks around 3ºC - cold in a tent that's for sure. Sunday will be a lovely day. There will be plenty of sunshine in the morning, a little more cloudy in the afternoon but it should stay dry. It'll feel a tad warmer too because there will only be a very light wind. Monday is more problematical. There will be a good deal of cloud with some outbreaks of rain. I'm not expecting a huge amount of rain and the afternoon should see some brighter weather. Keep up to date with the forecast, brought to you this weekend by Kerrie Gosney.


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