Jimmy Savile

Report into Savile's police links

A West Yorkshire Police report into its contact with Jimmy Savile says there is "no evidence" he was protected from arrest or prosecution.

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Police tweet picture of Wetherby crash

West Yorkshire Police's Road Policing Unit have tweeted this picture of the aftermath of a crash on the A1 near Wetherby.

Amazingly, no one was injured in the crash which happened earlier today.


Earlier collision A1 at Wetherby. Thanks to @nyorksrpg for assistance. Unbelievably no one injured. Enquires cont.. http://t.co/UeNbeFcxDK


Gimley the police dog's miracle escape

Gimley the wonder dog Credit: West Yorkshire Police

A police dog has remarkably escaped injury after falling 40 feet down a ravine. Six-year-old Gimley, who was on duty with West Yorkshire Police, was chasing a suspect in the dark when he fell.

Initially his handler thought he'd died but was amazed when he saw Gimley walk out of the crevice. Miraculously there wasn't a mark on him and he'll be reporting for duty again later this week.

Fighting fit, Gimley the police dog


CCTV image of Bradford robbery suspect

CCTV image of Bradford robbery suspect
CCTV image of Bradford robbery suspect Credit: West Yorkshire Police

West Yorkshire Police have released a cctv image of a man suspected of being involved in a robbery in Bradford.

The man entered a shop in Huddersfield Road at about 9.45pm and placed a note on the counter demanding cash. he also produced a knife.

He then grabbed a small quantity of cash from the till and two packets of cigarettes before running out of the shop and along Huddersfield Road, towards Bradford and Low Moor.

Two staff members were left shaken by the incident, but otherwise uninjured.

Detectives are looking at links between this incident and three others in December, where notes were produced to demand cash.

The suspect is described as white, about six feet tall and of slim build. He was wearing a blue jacket, a grey hooded top and had a scarf covering his face. He was also wearing black gloves, white trainers and a pair of dark glasses.

Operation "Venom" stings criminals

Operation briefing Credit: Calendar news

A police operation code-named "Venom" has stung criminals across West Yorkshire by reducing incidents of burglary by almost a third. Compared with the same period last year, rates of burglary have been cut by 33% across the force with specific reductions of 32% across Leeds and over 40% in Bradford.

Last week saw five days of intense police activity on the county's roads.Twenty five vehicles were seized- mostly for being driven without insurance. Six stolen vehicles have also been recovered and work is currently underway to reunite them with their rightful owners.

Twenty three people were arrested for a variety of offences including burglary, robbery, money laundering and theft. This included three burglary suspects who were arrested by new Deputy Chief Constable Dee Collins, who was out on patrol with a Roads Crime Team unit.

The unprecedented activity- a first for West Yorkshire Police- saw all vehicles with West Yorkshire Police insignia being sent out en masse and is believed to have tripled the normal deployment of police vehicles on the county's road network.

Operation Venom on the move Credit: Calendar news

Smart technology to speed up police

West Yorkshire police say victims of crime will receive a speedier and more efficient service thanks to new technology.

The 'Thinkpad' allows officers to log crimes on the spot, rather than having to return to a police station in between incidents.

The force are the first in the country to roll out the technology to all officers. Rachel Townsend reports.

West Yorkshire Police kept on the move with new technology

DI Jonathan Blackwell demonstrates the force's new technology Credit: ITV Yorkshire

Police will be able to stay on the road, thanks to a new high-tech computer system that will let them access police systems from their vehicles.

Over the next few weeks hundreds of laptops will be fitted to cars across the county.

Officers will be able to use the same applications as on desktop computers in stations and offices. Previously they had to travel back to base to use them and log their reports.

The touch-screen computers will allow statements and reports to be completed at the scene.

They will also get daily briefings from senior officers, and from next year be able to get witness statements signed electronically.

By the middle of 2014 it is planned that 1,000 officers on foot will get mobile Android-based devices that will give them the same access, but from a hand-held unit.

Custom apps will be developed for both sets of equipment, to provide the organisation with best technology possible for its needs.


International manhunt for murder suspect

Danish Irfan may have fled to Pakistan Credit: West Yorkshire police

An international warrant has been issued for the arrest of a fugitive suspected of murdering his wife.

Police believe Danish Irfan has fled the country and may have returned to his native Pakistan. 21-year old Irfan is the prime suspect in the killing of his wife - Ridda Zanab - who was found dead in a bedroom at the couple's home in Bradford last week.

Runaway car hit by train

Police are investigating how a runaway car ended up on rail tracks before being hit by a train and shoved along the line in Bingley.

The red Vauxhall Corsa was parked on a residential street before it rolled down the road and smashed through a wooden fence on to the track.

It was hit by the Leeds to Skipton train on Monday at 8.45pm and shunted along the track for about 125 metres before stopping near the bridge on Leonard Street.

No-one was in the car, which belonged to somebody visiting a friend in Healey Avenue.

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