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Parents call for junk food ads to be banned before 9pm

New statistics show the majority of parents in Yorkshire and the Humber believe stopping children being exposed to junk food adverts could cut childhood obesity.

The British Heart Foundation (BHF) polled 2000 UK parents and found 57% of parents in the Yorkshire region believe that stopping children being exposed to junk food adverts could help towards tackling the obesity crisis in children.

The charity is delivering a 30,000 strong petition to Downing Street calling on the government to ban the ads before 9pm.

Junk food companies are exploiting legal loopholes in the regulatory system, allowing them to continue bombarding children with junk food adverts. Over 30,000 people have backed our campaign to ban these adverts before the 9pm watershed. By protecting young people against the sophisticated marketing techniques of junk food advertisers we can help tackle the obesity crisis which threatens the heart health of future generations. We urge the UK Government to heed the public's clear call and take immediate action.

– Mike Hobday, Director of Policy at the British Heart Foundation


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Former X Factor contestants wish Zayn 'best of luck'

Fellow former X-Factor boyband members have tweeted messages of support for Zayn Malik tonight after the One Direction star made the decision to quit the band.

Aston Merrygold, of JLS fame, and Union J's Josh Cuthbert both tweeted the star the "best of luck" following the announcement of his departure:

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ChildLine: Don't undermine how distressing Zayn news could be for fans

Counselling service ChildLine have warned that young people may be feeling "very distressed" after hearing the news that Zayn Malik has left boyband One Direction, and urged adults not to "undermine" these feelings.

Sue Minto, head of ChildLine, said: "There are young people who are going to feel seriously distressed at the news, and people are going to have to get their head around the fact that for some this will be very distressing and not to undermine it, even if they don't quite understand it."

She added: "Lots of people have pop stars or celebrities or actors who they hold in high esteem, and there is a lot of sadness and impact for people when something happens to any of them."

Anyone who is feeling distressed can contact ChildLine by calling 0800 11 11 or visit


Patients condemn 'whitewash' report into contaminated blood

Patients who contracted potentially fatal diseases from infected blood in the 70s and 80s have described as "a whitewash" the latest report into what happened. An inquiry, published in Scotland, admitted there could have been better screening for hepatitis C but said all that could reasonably have been done to identify HIV was done. The Prime Minister has apologised to those affected - but it's not enough according to one patient from our region who's been speaking to James Webster. His report contains flash photography.

Leeds MP hails Nick Clegg's decision to look at Morquio case again

Leeds MP Greg Mulholland has hailed Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg's decision to urgently look at the case of a schoolboy from Leeds who faces losing funding for a life changing drug.

Protest highlighting Sam Brown's case outside the Department of Health Credit: Greg Mulholland MP

Mulholland raised the case of six year-old Sam Brown at Deputy Prime Minister’s Questions and then led campaigners in a further protest outside the Department of Health yesterday.

He urged Nick Clegg to intervene to help get the drugs for the 180 patients in total across the UK affected by rare diseases like Morquio Disease.

After raising Sam Brown’s case with the Deputy Prime Minister today, I welcome his commitment to urgently look at the situation, but this has now been going on for far too long, Sam is one of 180 people around the country being let down by NHS England.

– Greg Mulholland MP

The NHS is reviewing whether to pay for Vimizim - which treats Sam Brown's rare Morquio Syndrome.

For more on Sam's story click here.

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