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Residents told to pay for parking with cheese

Council officials in Whitby have been left red-faced after an embarrassing error declared permits were payable by cheese, as opposed to cheque.

Credit: Ross Parry

Scarborough Borough Council typists have been left red-faced after an embarrassing error declared permits were payable by cheese, as opposed to cheque.

The letter which was posted by officials from the local authority in Whitby, said: "I enclose a cheese made payable to Scarborough Borough Council."

Numi Solomons, 55, spotted the error when a friend showed her the letter.

I thought it was brilliant. There's just no way it could be a genuine error. It's not an autocorrect error so I don't know how that got in there. The only explanation would be if someone spiked it for a joke but I wouldn't like to just speculate. It's crackers.

– Numi Solomons

Jessie J to perform at open air theatre

Jessie J has announced she will perform at Scarborough Open Air theatre in July as well as Whitby in February.

She has sold over 3 million albums and 20 million singles worldwide to date. Credit: Jessie J

Tickets are £37 are will go on sale next weekend.

We’re delighted that Jessie J has agreed to come back to the Open Air Theatre for a second time; the lure of the Yorkshire Coast proving too hard for her to resist!

The setting is a massive wow factor, we get the most enthusiastic audiences and our team really knows how to look after our visiting stars; it’s a great recipe for success.

– Cllr David Chance, Scarborough council Cabinet Member for Tourism and Culture


Joanne Froggatt looks for 'evil' roles

Joanne Froggatt, who plays kind-hearted maid Anna Bates in Downton Abbey, wants to get her teeth in to an evil character.

The actress, who is from Whitby, told the Mail on Sunday Event magazine: "I'd like to work on a big-budget US film, ideally playing the total opposite of Anna Bates, someone really evil. It would be nice to do lots of different roles and swap between TV, film and theatre like Judi Dench and Helen Mirren do. That's the perfect mix."

She and her husband James Cannon are set to spend six months living in Los Angeles after she finishes filming the next series of Downton Abbey.

Seagull task force set up in North Yorkshire

For some, they are an integral part of life in our region's seaside towns. For others seagulls are an increasing nuisance which are bringing real harm to coastal communities.

Councillors in Scarborough and Whitby say it's now a problem that has to be dealt with and they have set up a special task force to tackle it.

They are only allowed to cull to the birds in exceptional circumstances, so now they are asking for the public's opinion on what to do next.

Chris Kiddey has the story:


Flotilla in Scarborough to remember bombardments 100 years ago

Tributes have been paid this morning to those killed on the North Yorkshire coastline in the First World War bombardments exactly 100 years ago. Hundreds of shells rained down on Scarborough before German warships attacked Whitby in 1914. Twenty people were killed and hundreds more injured. There has been a flotilla in Scarborough where wreaths were placed on the water.

Services held in Scarborough to remember 18 killed in bombardments

St Mary's Church, Scarborough
18 people were killed when Scarborough was shelled

A memorial service is taking place at St Mary's Church in Scarborough to remember the 18 people from the town killed when German warships fired shells at the town exactly 100 years ago.

Wreaths are being laid inside the church
A wreath has been laid from the German Navy
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