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People power over wind turbine plan

Protesters in Beverley against plans to build windturbines Credit: ITV, Yorkshire

People protesting against plans to build wind turbines along the East Yorkshire coastline have taken to the streets today. They gathered outside Beverely council offices to demonstrate against proposals.They say the plans for turbines would damage the Flamborough heritage coast.

Windturbine protest

Protesters have demonstrated outside a planning meeting this lunchtime in an attempt to protect the East Yorkshire coastline against wind turbines.

People living near the proposed site in Rudston say the plans for turbines more than a hundred feet high would damage the Flamborough heritage coast.

The campaign against the scheme is being backed by villagers from nearby Bempton, who successfully opposed similar plans earlier this year.

Wind turbine protests

Wind turbines like these could be built on protected Flamborough headland

Protestors are expected to gather outside council offices in Beverley today over controversial plans to build two 100ft wind turbines on the protected Flamborough headland. Hundreds of objections have so far been raised against the plans.


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