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Road safety charity issue new figures on winter driving

Road safety campaigners are warning that drivers are becoming complacent about driving in snow and rain. The Huddersfield charity Brake says only one in six carries out basic winter safety checks.

  • Only one in six drivers (16%) follow safety advice and avoid driving in snow.
  • Nearly one in three (31%) will drive in snow even if it's heavy and a non-essential journey.
  • Nine in ten (91%) underestimate stopping distances in icy conditions by half.
  • Half (47%) fail to leave a four second gap between them and the vehicle in front

Deaths over winter

Nearly 2,500 deaths were linked to the cold weather in Yorkshire last winter according to new figures.

The level of deaths in the county over the winter of 2011 to 2012 was 15.1% higher than during the rest of the year. Ryedale had the highest rise in winter deaths with 34%.

The number of fatalities in York also rose by 22%.

Getting ready for winter

As the cold winter weather approaches local authorities around the region are making sure their vehicles are ready for gritting.

Depots across Lincolnshire are receiving special blessings Credit: Press Association

In Lincolnshire an extra precautions are being carried out. Special blessings are taking place at all road gritter depots throughout the county led by the Bishop of Lincolnshire, Rt. Revd Christopher Lowson.

They have been organised in conjunction with Lincolnshire County council and the Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership.

Residents can also get real time updates on the state of the county's roads on Twitter - @LincsCC_Winter