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Workers remembered on memorial day

Organisers of the Workers' Memorial Day in Lincolnshire will particularly be remembering the following people who died of work-related injuries.

  • Tim Elton
  • Paul Doyley
  • Ann Mawer
  • Warren Peacock
  • Keith Herring
  • Robert Greenacre
  • Alan Burr
  • Eric William Bradley
  • Stanley Smith
  • John Dewhurst
  • Tracy Chapman- Woods
  • Justin Gillman
  • Mark Bird
  • Derek Walker
  • Reverend David Peacock
  • Michael Buston
  • Bert Ling
  • Mike Brown
  • David Bell Smyth
  • Mark Douglas Wright
  • Reginald George Edwards
  • Alan Murphy
  • Alison Holmes
  • John Boniface
  • Allan Whittles
  • Stephen Vaughen Cox
  • Julie Ann Pearson
  • Robert Paul Pearson


Workers' Memorial Day

Remembering colleagues Credit: Calendar News

Services will be held throughout the region today in memory of people killed at work. Relatives, colleagues and trade unions are using today, Workers' Memoriay Day, to remember those who died doing their jobs - and to call for the workplace to be made a safer place.

The TUC is calling for a day of action to defend health and safety and is holding a number of events, including vigils, marches, meetings and lobbies.

Using the slogan "Remember the Dead: Fight for the living", the union says more people are killed at work than in wars

"Most don't die of mystery ailments, or in tragic "accidents". They die because an employer decided their safety just wasn't that important a priority."