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Revealing York Minster

York Minster exhibition opens

Doors open today to the 'Revealing York Minster' exhibition. The chambers below the cathedral floor are housing artefacts charting the 2000 year history of the building.

The space beneath the tower was dug out in the 1970s to help stabilise the tower which was in danger of collapsing. Archaeological digs have now helped to map out more clearly the history of the site including the previous buildings which stood there. The historical finds are now on display.


New exhibition opens up York Minster's Undercroft

Finishing touches are being made to a new exhibition which shows off the 2000 year history of one of our region's most famous buildings. It is contained in a series of a chambers underneath York Minster.

The displays show off the archaeological remnants of buildings that used to stand on the site and use the latest technology to show how that has transformed into the famous building that stands there today. Our reporter James Webster has been for a preview.


Factfile: York's history detailed in Minster's new Undercroft

Many aspects of York's development are documented in the new Undercroft exhibition at the city's Minster including:

  • The Romans (71-410AD) - From the first barracks to Constantine the Great who ruled the Roman Empire from York. Glass floors show Roman walls below visitors' feet.
  • The Anglian and Anglo-Saxons (410-866AD) - Following the Roman withdrawal new archaeology shows the city thriving with a Royal Mint.
  • The Vikings (From 866AD) - The land is gifted to the church by a Viking lord Ulf whose elephant tusk horn is now on display.
  • The late Saxons and early Normans - The building of the first Minster whose foundations are still visible.
  • The present day - York Minster regarded as an international icon.

The final section of the Undercroft is the Treasury where original ceremonial items that have been collected over centuries and which are still used today are put on the display.

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