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5p charge for supermarket carrier bags

If you pick up a plastic bag in a supermarket, it will cost you at least 5 pence.

5p charge introduced for supermarket carrier bags Credit: Benjamin Wright/PA Wire/Press Association Images

The government has introduced the charge, which comes into effect today, in an attempt to persuade shoppers to reuse their plastic bags.

York Rescue Boat warns about river dangers after drunk man saved from drowning

A drunk man was saved from drowning in the River Ouse in York last night. The man dived off the Ouse Bridge in the city centre and was taken ashore by the York Rescue boat - a charity run by volunteers set up in the wake of several drownings.The man, in his thirties, was taken to hospital for a check up. His rescuers say he could easily have lost his life.


Man rescued after diving into River Ouse in York

A drunk man was rescued after diving into the River Ouse in York last night.

The man, in his thirties, jumped off the middle of the Ouse Bridge in the city centre.

Volunteers from the York Rescue boat pulled him out and he was taken to hospital.

Dave Benson, who helps to run the charity which operates the boat , says without their help the man could have drowned in the cold water.

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