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Pleasure boat pulled to safety

Lifeboat crews have been called out to a historic pleasure cruiser which broke from its moorings during a snow storm. RNLI crews in Bridlington, East Yorkshire helped secure the Yorkshire Belle which began drifting in the town's harbour last night.

"It was a hectic night. The Yorkshire Belle is moored with two ropes and one of them broke. We got the engines started and the lifeboat gave us a bit of a push. We moored further down the harbour. It just caused cosmetic damage really but it did hit two other boats."

– Yorkshire Belle Spokesman

A weather warning for further patchy snow is in place in coastal parts of East Yorkshire, with fresh snow forecast. The Yorkshire Belle has been a popular fixture on the Bridlington coast since 1947.

She was launched to replace the original boat of the same name, which was blown up by a mine during the Second World War, resulting in the loss of all hands.