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Afghan six: Commanding officer speaks at inquest

The commanding officer of the six soldiers killed when their armoured fighting vehicle was blown up by a Taliban bomb has said he had no doubts about sending out the patrol as light faded at dusk.

The patrol had been due to leave the base in Lashkar Gar, in Afghanistan earlier in the afternoon, but it was delayed by a sandstorm. At the inquest into the troops' death, Major Edward Colver was asked if he was at all worried about sending out the patrol at dusk

He replied: "I was extremely confident that it was the right thing to do." Other soldiers who were on the patrol in a second armoured vehicle have told the hearing that they had no concerns about going out at dusk.


Inquest into 'Afghan six' resumes in Oxford

The six soldiers who lost their lives Credit: Calendar

An inquest into the deaths of six soldiers killed while serving with the 3rd Battalion the Yorkshire Regiment in Afghanistan has resumed in Oxford. The troops - four from West Yorkshire - were killed when their Warrior armoured vehicle was blown apart by a Taliban bomb in March 2012.

It was the single deadliest attack on British forces since the conflict began in 2001. The inquest has been told that the vehicle became an inferno when it struck an improvised explosive device. All the men are said to have lost consciousness instantly.

Their families have been told that none stood a chance of surviving.

Families of fallen soldiers attend inquest

The families of six soldiers killed by a massive Taliban bomb while serving with the Yorkshire regiment have been told harrowing details of their loved ones' final moments today.

It was the biggest single loss of life in Afghanistan since 2001 when their armoured vehicle was blown apart and engulfed by flames when it ran over an improvised explosive device.

And at the inquest today, it's emerged that the youngest of those to die, aged just 19, was a last minute stand in who'd volunteered to join the patrol because his colleague was having a shower. Jon Hill reports from Oxford coroners court.

IED blast 'sent fireball 100 feet into the air'

Today the inquest into the deaths of six soldiers with the Yorkshire Regiment, heard from a soldier who was travelling in an accompanying armoured vehicle.

In a written statement, Private Luke Stones explains that Private Christopher Kershaw from Bradford was a last-minute stand-in on the mission.

"Private Butler would have been the driver...but he was just returning from the shower and as a result, Private Kershaw offered to take his place."

– Private Luke Stones

The hearing has been told the troops, including Private Kershaw, died from blast injuries when their fighting vehicle was blown apart by an IED.

Private Stones said when the vehicle exploded, he saw a fireball sending flames 100ft high.

Fallen soldier was 'last-minute stand-in'

One of six soldiers killed when a Warrior armoured vehicle was blown up on patrol in Afghanistan was a last-minute stand-in for one of his colleagues who had just come out of the shower, an inquest has heard.

Private Christopher Kershaw, 19, from Bradford was the youngest of the six soldiers killed by a massive blast from an improvised explosive device in March 2012.


Post mortem examination on "machete attack" victim

A post-mortem examination is due to be carried out this afternoon on the body of a man found dead in a shop in Eastwood, Rotherham.

The 40-year-old, named locally as Parvaiz Iqbal died yesterday following the attack on Grosvenor Road shortly after 2pm yesterday.

A 27-year-old man arrested on suspicion of murder remains in custody where he is being questioned by detectives.

Video: Soldiers' inquest 'will allow families to reflect'

The father of Private Christopher Kershaw has told Calendar, the inquest into the death of his son and five colleagues in Afghanistan, will finally allow him to reflect on his loss, and begin to move forward.

Brian Kershaw and his wife, Sharon, are at the inquest in Oxford for a hearing expected to last two days.

Warrior vehicle "burst into flames"

The inquest into the death of six soldiers killed in an explosion in Afghanistan has heard the armoured vehicle they were travelling in, burst into flames after it was struck by an improvised explosive device.

The Warrior infantry fighting vehicle was on patrol in Lashkar Gar, at 6.40pm on March 6, 2012 when it struck an IED.

The blast under the right side of the vehicle tipped it onto its left hand side. The vehicle's turret burst into flames detonating ammunition. Debris from the explosion was scattered up to 400 metres away.

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