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TV Bill hoping to inspire at Yorks Wildlife Park

Bill Oddie Credit: Press Association

Wildlife expert and TV personality, Bill Oddie will be at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park today to inspire youngsters about the natural world.

The former Springwatch presenter will be taking part in Love Your Zoo Week, a campaign launched by the British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums ( BIAZA) to teach people about the important role of zoos.

He said: "Good zoos play an important role in conservation.This seems to be the case for BIAZA zoos; good zoos know it's no longer acceptable to just say "here's some animals...come along and wonder at them".

"At the same time, they are raising funds for captive breeding programmes for endangered species and reintroducing them to the wild. Let's also not forget that zoos offer people what could be their first contact with animals. Go your zoo!"


Yorkshire Wildlife Park welcome new arrival

Award-winning Yorkshire Wildlife Park is celebrating a pre-Easter arrival – the birth of a cute camel.

Proud mum Lottie with the new arrival

The rare baby Bactrian camel, made her debut in the outside reserve last week under the protective eye of her mother Lottie.

She will now be the star attraction alongside the other eight Bactrian camels during the Easter holidays. The baby camel has not yet been named but her name will begin with `G’ as will all the animals who are born in 2014.

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Online outrage as giraffe autopsy pictures emerge

Internet users have been expressing their outrage at the killing of Marius, a healthy giraffe at Copenhagen Zoo.

Read: Copenhagen giraffe 'killed and dissected for lion food'

Local Danish news agency BT said many families came to see the autopsy of the animal, performed by a member of staff in a white overalls and green gloves.

Pictures appear to show the member of staff explaining the process to the assembled visitors.

Yorkshire Wildlife Park said it was saddened to hear the news the animal was destroyed. It had contacted the centre yesterday to offer to rehome it.

Read: UK zoo offers to rehome Danish giraffe

Giraffe death: response from Yorkshire Wildlife Park

In a statement, Yorkshire Wildlife Park says it is saddened to hear reports from Copenhagen that 18-month-old giraffe Marius has been euthanased.

When news of the plan was revealed on Saturday YWP immediately contacted Copenhagen Zoo via YWP's Head of Hoofstock who is Danish and explained to the zoo why the Park urgently wished to speak to the zoo and requested a call to confirm the situation regarding the giraffe. YWP has a state of the art giraffe house built in 2012 with a bachelor herd of 4 male giraffes and the capacity to take an extra male, subject to the agreement of the European stud book keeper. One of the YWP giraffes is Palle, who came from Copenhagen Zoo in September 2012, when he was the same age as Marius.

YWP did not hear back from the zoo, but on Saturday night YWP was contacted by the Danish press and the BBC and asked if they could confirm that they had made an offer to rehome Marius. YWP confirmed that they had contacted the zoo but had not heard back. YWP has now seen press reports that Copenhagen has euthanased Marius. Without knowing the full details it would be inappropriate to comment further.

– Spokeperson for Yorkshire Wildlife Park
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Copenhagen giraffe 'killed and dissected for lion food'

Plans to save a young giraffe from being put down in Copenhagen Zoo have failed, local Danish news agency BT is reporting.

The giraffe was killed at 10am local time according to the agency, and subsequently dissected to be used as feed for the lions.

Animal rights campaigners are said to have gathered outside the zoo to protest against the killing.

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