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Increase in gun and knife crime across Yorkshire

There has been an increase in gun and knife crime in Yorkshire and the Humber - with a drop in the stop and search rate.

Credit: Press Association

Latest figures from Humberside Police show serious crimes such as murder and robbery committed using guns almost doubled from 44 to 86 cases between 2013 and 2016.

Knife crime also went up across the region during these three years by 53 per cent. However, there was an 85 per cent drop in stop and searches carried out.



Mirage nuclear bomber wings its way from France to Yorkshire

A Mirage nuclear bomber is making its journey from France to the Yorkshire Air Museum to add to its collection of European cold War Jets.

Mirage IV on display in Citie de Sciences, Paris

The 77ft long and 39ft wide Mirage is travelling by road and sea from Paris and it will take four days to get to Elvington. It will be the only Mirage 4 on display in Britain.

The Mirage bomber starts its journey to the UK

It is the first time the French Government have released a Mirage IV to an independent museum anywhere and the first outside of France.

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