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Mum of one punch death victim launches campaign to tackle binge drinking

The mother of an ex-soldier who died after being hit with a single punch in Chesterfield has started a campaign encouraging people not to binge drink.

Chris Henchcliffe served in the army in the Yorkshire Regiment

Chris Henchcliffe, who served in the army in the Yorkshire Regiment, died in July last year.

His mother, Yvonne, wants bars to promote non-alcoholic drinks to try and tackle the problem.


17 Yorkshire councils sign Yorkshire Day agreement

17 Yorkshire councils have chosen Yorkshire day to sign up to a deal which could bring devolution to the whole region.

The Guildhall in Hull Credit: ITV Yorkshire

Up until now Hull City Council and East Riding Council had both been looking to work with different local authorities on the proposals.

The new Yorkshire Day agreement will see North Yorkshire and York work with councils in West Yorkshire, along with East Riding and Hull as well as Barnsley and Doncaster who have pulled out of the separate Sheffield City Region agreement. Sheffield and Rotherham are still working on their own devolution plan.


Calls for greater protection for police officers after assault figures released

There has been a call for greater protection for rank and file police after new figures showed twelve hundred and forty officers were assaulted in West Yorkshire last year.

Editorial image Credit: Press Association

That is around three every day. Hundreds have also been attacked in North and South Yorkshire.

The Police Federation which represents officers says the attacks are totally unacceptable but it says the true figure is probably even higher.

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