Mobile phone crackdown

Humberside Police are launching a crackdown on drivers on their mobile phones. Throughout this months there'll be tackling the problem - handing out points and fines to those breaking the law.

  1. Matt Price

Crackdown on drivers using their phones

People who drive while on their mobile phones are the target of a Humberside Police campaign which starts today. Officers will target irresponsible drivers in the hope of further reducing casualties on the roads and improving driver attitude and behaviour.

Legislation introduced in December 2003 prohibits the use of hand held mobile phones while driving and there is increasing anecdotal evidence that misuse, particularly by people driving for work purposes, is continuing.

"Mobile phones in cars are distracting and if used inappropriately and indeed illegally whilst driving, it considerably increases the risk of a collision."

– Casualty reduction officer, PC Barry Gardner

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