Bradford shopping developers "committed"

The developers behind a large shopping development in Bradford say they are committed to finishing the project.

Protesters have moved in to the site in the city centre, angry that building work has not been taking place and the Westfield project was mothballed in 2009.

Westfield Shoppingtowns Limited have written an open letter to the protesters, saying the development has fallen foul of the financial crisis, but they remain committed to Bradford.

Despite these conditions, Westfield has remained committed to Bradford and has invested significant funds and time into seeking to progress the Broadway scheme. Like you, we are are eager to start this development as soon as possible and we are progressing with the key leasing pre-lettings that need to happen before construction can begin. In October 2011, Westfield received a revised planning permission for the scheme and we are currently working with the Council to market Bradford asa retail destination.

– Duncan Bower, Director of Development