TB in Rotherham

Patients are being contacted in Rotherham after a person at the hospital was confirmed to have Tuberculosis. The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust is now offering a TB test to a small number of patients as a precautionary measure.

They stress that any possible infection risk is low. The disease is only passed on after prolonged close contact with an infection person who has TB of the lung. In most cases, TB is curable with a course of special antibiotics.

Close contacts of the patient have also been identified and offered precautionary screening for TB. As a further precautionary measure, a small number of staff members have been made aware and informed of the signs and symptoms of the disease. At this stage no further individuals have been identified who need to be offered screening. We know that TB exists in our communities and so we should all be aware of the signs and symptoms

of the disease.

– George Thomson, Medical Director

Symptoms of TB of the lung include a cough, which lasts for over two weeks, shortness of breath, loss of appetite and weight loss, fever and sweating and extreme fatigue and tiredness. Anyone who thinks they may be affected by these symptoms is being asked to contact their GP.