Afghanistan medals for children

A mother from West Yorkshire is behind a new medal for children whose parents have served in Afghanistan.

The awards have been handed out for the first time and the miniature medal is designed to recognise the sacrifices families make while loved ones are on the frontline.

Dawn McLeish with some the children who received medals Credit: Ministry of Defence

Dawn McLeish from Denby Dale, who came up with the idea, said:

"I looked at my own children and saw what a hard time they were having without their dad.They missed him so much and weren't really able to understand why he wasn't there.

"They have to be strong and brave to be able to cope with something like that at such a young age. I found myself saying 'they deserve a medal' and then I thought why not given them one."

41 children were presented with the medals, which have the slogan "Daddy's Hero", at a ceremony in Germany.