Police target paedophiles

Police in West Yorkshire, South Yorkshire and Lincolnshire have taken part in two days of action against people who download indecent images of children.

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CEOP report following child sex abuse arrests

Ceop today published a report warning that anyone caught downloading child abuse images online poses a risk of committing physical sex attacks on children. The report said that one analysis showed 55% of pedophiles who possess indecent images also commit sexual offences against children.

"The images being downloaded are increasingly becoming more extreme, sadistic and violent and feature increasingly younger children."

– Kate Fisher - principal analyst at CEOP

However, the severity and number of images held by offenders are not enough alone to assess the risk they pose or the sentence they should receive, the report said. Ceop urged police forces to prioritise the investigation of anyone caught with child abuse images who has easy access to children.

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