Finding a new home for four-year-old Jamie

Four-year-old Jamie was found half-starved Credit: Dogs Trust

The Dog Trust’s Rehoming Centre in Leeds is on the lookout for a new home for Jamie, a 4-year-old Staffie found in a half-starved state on the side of one of Leeds’ busiest roads.

When Jamie was found he was so weak he could not stand, he was extremely malnourished and dehydrated and his eyes were so badly infected he could not open them. He weighed 6.5 kg which, compared with Staffie’s that usually weigh between 13-20 kg at that age, was shockingly underweight.

His spine was also very arched but with the help of Dogs Trust Leeds, it is starting to straighten and he is well on his way to recovery and almost back to full health. If you can help, head to the Dogs Trust website.