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Flood update - in recovery

Lincolnshire’s flood emergency response has entered its recovery phase.

Thursday’s freak weather brought heavy rainfall and even a tornado to Lincolnshire, resulting in flash floods, traffic accidents and road closures. Around 100 properties were damaged.

The highest level of rainfall was in Keelby, which had 63mm in around an hour.

One flood alert remains in place for the east and west fens, north of Boston, but the weather forecast shows further incidents are unlikely.

Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue responded to more than 150 calls.

"Teams from a number of organisations, including the district and county councils, Environment Agency, Anglian Water, drainage boards, fire and rescue, and police are now supporting the affected communities, which is our top priority._


“Thankfully nobody was seriously injured, but we recognise the on-going impact on those affected by these events. They will be our priority over the coming days. We are also working hard to repair damage. Anyone who needs help and advice should contact their local council._


“Once we are satisfied about the welfare of those affected, the county council will co-ordinate an investigation to determine what actions need to be taken by relevant public authorities to try to prevent this happening again.”_


“While the forecast says that further extreme weather is unlikely, we continue to monitor the situation so that we can respond quickly to any further incidents.”_

– David Powell, Joint Emergency Service in Lincolnshire

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