Residents misuse recycling bins

A campaign is starting in North Kesteven in Lincolnshire to remind people what can and cannot be recycled. The wrong waste is sometimes contaminating green recycling bins. A dead pheasant has even been found in one bin.

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Dead pheasant put out for recycling

A campaign is starting in Lincolnshire to remind people what they can and cannot recycle after a dead pheasant was found in one household's recycling.

Officials in North Kesteven say they have one of the best recycling rates in the country, at more than 50%, but they say a minority of people are putting the wrong items in the wrong bins. Food, syringes and dead animals have all been found in some green-lidded recycling bins.

Our recycling is hand sorted before being mechanically sorted hence we are reiterating the rules around recycling and repeated incidences of incorrect waste disposal might result in non-collection, to ensure the health and safety of staff. All the information residents need to deal with all their waste and recycling can be found on their bin tags, with additional information and assistance available via our website and hotline. Staff are also touring the district and will be in various Co-ops andsupermarkets across the district.

– Cllr Geoff Hazelwood, North Kesteven District Council

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