Fears over rail fare increase

It is claimed some rail fares in our region could go up by hundreds of pounds as part of national measures announced by the Government today.

Campaigners say from next January an annual railcard for the York-Leeds route could increase by almost £200, making it nearly £2,300 for the year. The Leeds-Bradford route could rise to over a thousand pounds.

And they claim an annual railcard for commuters on the Sheffield to Hull line could go up by almost £400, making it over £3,800, with an increase of almost £250 for the Sheffield-Leeds route, making it nearly £2,500 pounds for a 12 month pass.

New rules allow each rail company to raise ticket prices above inflation and add costs on some tickets that could see an increase of up to 11.2%. Announcements for the new fare prices are expected in late November. But Rail Minister Theresa Villiers says railways will still provide good value.